Baking Happy

This weekend we baked some of the coolest cakes! From the tiddliest and fiddliest little 4 inch 'bitchling' cakes as I like to call them, to tiered wedding cakes, birthday cakes AND graduation cakes.

Birthday Cakes London

One email from a customer literally reduced me to tears. It was so lovely, and complimentary of absolutely everyone in our small team, I couldn't actually imagine customers appreciating exactly how much work goes into not just making the cake, but making the whole experience. 

Anges de Sucre Review

From the little things such as helping with picking the design, to taking their individual requirements into consideration, figuring out any tricky logistical issues with delivery, and then to actually deliver the super fragile freshly baked cake in mint condition, it adds up to a lot of behind the scenes for every single cake order. So I am absolutely speechless with customers appreciating this and am so very happy and proud of our team.

Pink Anges de Sucre Cake Review

Pink Carnival Cake

It isn't just the actual contents of the email that made me teary. It was the realisation that it is THIS feedback, the feedback we get in email that doesn't make it onto facebook reviews, the numerous happy repeat customers calling us again excitedly to place their next orders for one of our cool new fault line cakes, friends of customers ordering their wedding cake from us having tried ours at their mate's wedding...it's THIS that we want to focus our energy on.

Willy Wonka Fault Line Birthday Cake

Willy Wonka's Fault Line Cake

As a small business, the rare few times (and every business will have this) we get slated for any reason, where despite our best efforts we've not met expectations etc we take it so personally. After all, we aren't emotionless cogs in a cake machine. Whilst I think that can be a positive, as it helps us re-evaluate how we can do things better, it can be toxic. I sometimes share these experiences as I know we are not alone and it can often be a very isolating existence for most small business owners when it comes to dealing with such. I get so many messages from other bakers and small business owners about how my sharing has helped them with a similar situation, or just helped lighten the burden. But simultaneously, it attracts some criticism, as anything posted on a public forum can.

Over time, I believed my skin had thickened (never forget blogger blackmail, or THAT pink cake...), but what's actually happened is that it's worn thin. Getting DMs calling me the C-word amongst other names, getting tone policed and unsolicited advice from randoms on what I share on my squares had started to grate...and it was only until recently that I decided it was affecting me more than I would like to have admitted. It was affecting my mental health. And social media has a lot to do with it.

4 inch mini fault line birthday cake

It's a very trending topic at the moment - mental health. It's never been more important. So to help myself, I've decided to focus my energy on those who are kind and compassionate and block those who aren't. I'll be treating social media like my space where I'm having conversations with my acquaintances - if someone rudely interrupts I'll just turn my back to them, or if they decide to send me abusive messages, I can flush it. I'm already feeling better for it and it's so true what they say about energy - feed good energy, and it multiplies. And that good energy multiplier affects every bit of my personal and professional life resulting in us making some of the most amazing cakes making even more people happy! 

To good vibes, new glowing skin and baking happy!

Lots of love,



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