Autumn Wedding Cakes: Style and Substance Guaranteed

Ahhhh autumn. That wonderful, snuggly time of year when you can finally pack up the bikinis and shorts and pull out those comfy jumpers, scarves and socks instead. Wave goodbye to your summer body as you pile on the pounds enjoying those delicious comfort foods of the colder months; roast dinners, steaming pastry pies, mounds of pasta and of course, rich, yummy slices of cake (we’re not biased….promise).

As most of us are busy making sure our umbrellas aren’t going to blow inside out on the morning commute or that we don’t slip on the pile of soggy leaves outside the front door, the autumn bride is frantically preparing for her windswept wedding.

Heart Leaf

Although summer is typically regarded as prime wedding season for those in the industry, more and more couples are choosing to book their nuptials in the autumnal months. Not too cold, not too hot. A slight dip in venue prices (only slight) and a full guest list as most friends and family will have already enjoyed their summer holidays and be ready to party.

Chris Giles Macarons

Image: Chris Giles Photography

Hopefully if you’re getting married in the next few months, you have already ordered your wedding cake but if you haven’t (you’re probably feeling totally manic and in a wedding meltdown) or if you’re planning for next autumn, we’ve pulled out some pics of our favourite autumn wedding cakes and have got a few tips to help you along the way. Get reading for our guide to choosing the perfect autumn wedding cake.


Now you might not be planning a full-on autumn-themed ceremony, but it’s always nice to include hints of the season in your general décor. Think of brisk walks in the park, crunchy leaves underfoot, ruddy red cheeks after being outdoors and bright blue skies above. Autumn conjures up a rainbow of colours; rusty oranges, forest greens, shades of yellow, blues and browns. Inspirational for bakers like us and great colour scheme ideas for you.

Autumn Wedding Cake

We made one of our favourite autumnal wedding cakes last year, for the lovely Hannah and Joseph. They wanted something fun, autumnal and luxurious and fell in love with their bespoke doughnut wedding cake. What was so great about this creation was using a unique colour palette of dove grey and pistachio with gold leaf embellishments. The grey might not sound so appealing but we’ll think you agree the overall creation was pretty darn fabulous. We added chocolate truffle acorns and almonds to give this cake the autumn edge.

Autumn Wedding Cake

When you’re thinking about your autumn wedding cake, it’s important to get inspired by the things you really love about the season: the colours, the taste, the comfort eating. Make it unique to you and your loved one.


An autumn time wedding is perfect for a rustic and relaxed wedding vibe. You can get away with amazing wooden carved table displays, like bare branches and twigs elegantly adorned with fairy lights or floral displays laden with berries. If you’re really going for it, how about a pumpkin centrepiece? No, you don’t have to carve a scary face into it, but an autumn wedding gives you the chance to think outside the box when it comes to your centrepieces.

Deep purples, golds and bronze are very September to November, and these combined can create a really regal atmosphere. So, if you’re a bride or groom that likes a bit of bling, it’s so easy to incorporate jewels and beads into your décor for that added glamour.

Autumn Wedding Cake

We think our cake for Anouska and Jack perfectly captured the deep colours of autumn,
without being too dark or overpowering.



Keeping with the rustic theme, if buttercream is not your thing and you’d rather avoid all that icing, get on board with the naked wedding cake. At Anges De Sucre, our naked cakes either have a minimal amount of frosting or are fully flashing their yumminess for all to see.

Naked Autumn Wedding Cake

With all the taste and decorations you would expect from a ‘normal’ wedding cake, these beauties are a modern take on the traditional tiered, smoothly iced cake. They work so well for a relaxed wedding ceremony as they can incorporate all the traditional designs yet stand out for the sheer fact that you can see hints of the glorious sponge underneath. Add some floral designs, acorns and seasonal nuts and you’ve got a taste explosion on your hands.

While we deliver to venues all over London and the Home Counties, you might find that a naked cake does best in a more informal venue. But in all honesty, these cakes are so tasty you can eat them anywhere and the wow factor will still blow you away.


Remember your school assemblies? The Harvest festival one? With all the fruits and kids dressed up in farmer costumes (or was that just our weird experience?) Anyway, the beauty of an autumn wedding is the huge range of stunning flowers that come with the cooling temperatures.

Floral Autumn Wedding Cake

Flowery cake decorations might not sound like the most original idea, but they are elegant and timeless in appeal. Plus, the way we do floral cakes at Anges De Sucre is far from traditional. You know we always add our personal magic. Whether you’re looking for muted tones or deep, dazzling hues, just let us know and we can really make your autumn cake pop.


At Anges we love nothing more than creating a magical wedding cake to reflect a couple’s brief and add to their special day. We will work with you to plan the tastiest treat for your guests while incorporating our own stylistic craziness (that’s a technical baking term FYI) to make sure it’s a cake that won’t be easily forgotten.

So, when you do get in touch with us to order your autumn themed wedding cake – whether it’s in a last-minute panic or you’re being super organised and planning way way ahead – here are some general guidelines:

  • We NEVER EVER copy cakes. If you have a picture of the ideal cake in your head, that’s great, but at Anges De Sucre we specialise in originality so we won’t be ripping off the designs of fellow cake enthusiasts. Sorry!
  • No matter how much you love a traditional wedding fruit cake, it’s not one of our favourites. We offer three sponge flavourings: vanilla bean, chocolate mudcake and red velvet.
  • You can have just one flavour or all three! We have a huge range of buttercream flavours and will be happy to recommend the best combinations.
  • Know your guest list numbers (or at least have a good estimate) before you order as the design you want can be impacted by cake size.
  • Give us as much detail as possible and we will create the perfect design for your wedding. We need to know your likes and dislikes to get it just right.
  • Ordering your cake online is easy and convenient and we’re happy to fire emails back and forth to get all the details right.
  • In regards to cake samples or tasting sessions, this isn't something we offer however you are always free to purchase and try a smaller 6" cake in advance via our website.

Whatever season you’re getting married in, make sure you choose the right bakery to create the wedding cake of your dreams. Happy planning!

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