Birthday parties for your kids are supposed to be fun….aren’t they? Well for the gang of children running around the house, they definitely are. But for you, the chief party planner….not so much. 

As a parent, you’re probably juggling a million and one things at any given moment. Whether it’s a job, another child (or two), household chores, an elderly grandparent, you name it, you’re trying to handle it.

Adult life is never easy, but add a child’s birthday into the mix and it’s darn near impossible. So, if you’re about to plan a party for your little one, we’ve come up with some handy party hacks to make things a teeny tiny bit less manic. Anges De Sucre want to save you time and preserve your sanity! Read on for some simple time-saving tips.

1. The internet is your saviour

Birthday Party Hack

Now this is a tip for anyone and everyone organising an event. If you haven’t got a list app on your phone then you my dear are missing a treat. Apps like Notes are an absolute godsend. Not only can you check tasks off as you do them, you can set reminders and notifications to get you moving. Great for a busy brain.

The world wide web is also your best friend when it comes to party planning points. For example, send online invitations, stream your music and hunt down party game rules. Take a look at our previous post about how to organise a successful birthday party for more tips plus a party planning schedule.

2. Digital Invites are sooooo old

Scrap those party invites cluttering up your fridge or noticeboard. Now you can send your little one’s invites by text. Of course, you have the standard text message option, but you can also make the invite more personal by downloading the Hobnob app which lets you create cute, personalised messages. Also, check out Invitd, who promise to make invitations easy.

3. Create a playlist in advance

Are you an iPhone user or android lover? Well whatever you are, make sure you set up a kid-friendly playlist before the party. This means you can get on with organising and supervising when the party is in full swing and don’t have to worry about choosing different tracks when everyone is there. Don’t be a pass-the-parcel-music-pausing-amateur! Use your phone and the magic of Bluetooth speakers to get the kids playing happily. Spotify has some great playlist libraries to make this a total doddle too!

Top tip: If your child is under seven, it’s doubtful they’ve yet chosen a favourite musical genre, so select a few chart hits, some Disney faves and (most importantly) some of your personal bests to keep you sane as the party hots up.

4. Order the birthday cake online

Elephant Kids Birthday

Save yourself hours of hassle of standing by the oven in tears and worrying about a soggy bottom and avoid buying a generic supermarket birthday cake. Make your child’s day super special by ordering a cake online from us. Browse our collection of amazing birthday cakes, choose the size you need and voila! We will deliver the cake to your door. Simple.

Monkey Kids Birthday Cake

5. Individual portions

Party food

Now the food part of a kids’ party can be tricky. So many fussy eaters, so little time. Instead of spending hours making endless trays of crust-free sandwiches and emptying bags of crisps into a bowl, create individual servings. Think of a packed lunch portion and make a little bag full of party food accordingly. This way, not only do you save time and waste, you can also cater for all those dietary needs and possible allergies.

Little ones are often happy with ‘easy food’ so maybe a sandwich, a savoury snack, fruit and/or a sweet treat. Plus, think of how many germs you’re banishing without bowls of food that those very cute but often not too clean hands plunge in and out of!

Tip: If you’re really pushed for time, always remember….Pizza is your friend. Ok, it’s not the healthiest of foods but hey, it’s a celebration! Order a couple of pizzas, cut into child-friendly pieces and hey presto, grubs up!

6. Take advantage of Mother Nature

Birthday Party

Image: Kat Forsyth 

If you’re lucky enough to have a summer-born baby, then it’s total craziness not to hold the party outdoors. If the sun is shining and the grass isn’t sopping wet from a summer shower, shove (delicately) all the kids into the garden. This saves a heap of cleaning up time once everyone has left and saves you the stress of worrying about breakages or sticky jam sandwiches on the carpet.  

7. Don’t add to the washing up pile

Throwaway plates and cups are THE way forward, as are disposable tablecloths. Not only do they save time once the party is done and dusted, but you don’t have to worry about any breakages, small kids running around with glass and/or stains on your favourite tablecloth. Most of these items are recyclable, so you can do your bit for the world instead of throwing them in the bin. Also, if you’re really environmentally conscious you can order eco-friendly disposable cups and plates from people like Little Cherry, who specialise in party supplies.

Happy partying!

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