Unique Gift Hampers for Foodies

We've just released a whole host of stunning gift hampers and obviously I think they're awesome but I thought I'd also share some other great gift hampers I've found to jog your Christmas gifting brains! 

5. Coffee Lovers Gift Hamper

I start my mornings with a Chemex filter coffee. I know, I know, I have an *cough* award-winning *cough* coffee shop and all where we serve awesome Red Brick espresso drinks using a sick beast of a Kees van der Westen espresso machine BUT I'm not a milky-coffee drinker. Espressos are too tough on my tastes. Filter coffee on the other hand...I could drink gallons of it. Of all the filter brewing methods, Chemex is my favourite. (Don't believe me? Well, you can see me waxing lyrical about why I love it on the Evening Standard here!)

Here's an ideal gift for the caffeine-head complete with filters, Chemex flask and coffee all neatly tucked into a beautiful crate from (as an extra touch I'd add in a Hario coffee mill and some Ethiopian beans just cuz). Price: £195

Coffee Gift Hamper

4. Moroccan Food Gift Hamper

Fluffy falafels, home-made hummous, tabbouleh, steamy salivary glands are on overdrive just thinking about them. I've yet to visit Morocco but until then I'd like to rock the casbah in the kitchen whipping up my own Moroccan feast with this handy hamper including a falafel mix, couscous, Raas-al-Hanout spice mix, tahini, tagine paste, harissa and various condiments. Price: £39

Moroccan Gift Hamper

3. Ultimate Hot Headz Hamper

The Mister and I have a game going where we annoy each other by going on about who can take more spice. I clearly have a higher tolerance because I'm Asian, so he gets offended and tries to disprove me by punishing himself with eating a ridiculously spicy thing and pretending they aren't tears of pain. Ahh the lolz. I think this gift hamper might just be for him! I'd actually love to see him writhe in pain with a cocktail of Scotch Bonnet piccalilli, jalapeno salsa, Son of Satan's Sweat hot sauce, Who Dares Burns hot sauce, and Naga chilli ketchup muahahaha. Price: £37.99

 Chilli Gift Hamper

2. Made-in-India Gift Hamper

My favourite cuisine is Indian. Not the oil-slick Indian you get in generic 'Balti' restaurants (I don't even know why they're called Balti...Balti in Bengali means bucket?!). I mean real home-cooked, clean and deliciously wholesome Indian food featuring warming daals, vegetarian sides, yoghurt raita, and flavoursome saucy curries. It's also surprisingly quick and easy to whip it up in big batches and leftovers ALWAYS taste great the next day! Here's a great kit put together by Sous Chef with big tubs of spices, bags of lentils, all-important ghee and a cook book on family style cooking by Meera Sodha. Price: £37.50

Indian Gift Hamper

1. Anges Gourmet Gift Hamper

Obvs. This is our biggest, naughtiest, most indulgent Christmas gift hamper including delicious genuine Belgian hot chocolate granules, a box of seven macarons, a bag of 6 fluffy hand-made marshmallows, three assorted gourmet S'mores, four chocolate covered teacakes, and a bag of six assorted Muffles! Price: £75

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Hamper

Happy Hampering this Christmas! If you prefer giving one of our delicious Christmas cakes this year? 

Reshmi xoxo



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September 17, 2017

OMG, such thoughtful ideas!

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