I absolutely love dressing up a cake with corner shop classic chocolate bars. It's no surprise we have a whole Corner Shop Cake collection perfect for Dads. Who would ever turn down a slice of freshly baked cake with a side of nostalgia!

Birthday Cakes made with Twix's

Twix is one of my favourite corner shop treats from my childhood. I'd first eat the stretchy caramel topping off the top of the biscuit, or the chocolate from around the side - I found endless ways to eat a Twix. Recently I started wondering if its popularity has waned, so I asked my followers on Instagram; their response unmistakeably confirmed it is as popular as ever! So I made this cake loaded with Twix bars. It's been a hit with our customers so far and can be bought online. 

Twix Cake Ingredients

The only thing that confuses me about a Twix, is that I think it's more a biscuit than a chocolate bar. And that's because it's so perfect dipped in a hot cup of tea! And for that reason I think this Chocolatey Twix cake is the perfect afternoon treat or dessert after dinner.

Slice of the Twix Cake

Layers of lovely vanilla sponge made with buttermilk, sandwiched with Belgian chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and gooey puddles of sea salted caramel ganache. It's a perfectly balanced feast on its own.

Twix Cake Inside Layers

I designed the cake with a bubble-combed buttercream finish, as it reminds me of Twix bars laid side by side. Dripped with even more salted caramel ganache and decorated with Twix cupcakes, I think this is a very luxurious cake that is guaranteed to please a lot of people.

Take a look at the 'making of' recipe video on TikTok and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

@angesdesucre Twix Cake. Layers of vanilla sponge, salted caramel, chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, and twix #fyp #foryou #cakedecorating #cakesoftiktok ♬ SALSA JAM NO.1 - Jaycee Mante

Reshmi xoxo

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