Ever muttered to yourself “Where the hell is the peeler?” as you riffle through your kitchen drawer? You sift through all manner of utensils you never use until you land on the ones you actually do. It’s probably time for a kitchen declutter, right? Reshmi, owner and chief baker at Anges de Sucre has some expert hacks on how to streamline your kitchen. First up, why should you be listening to Reshmi as your kitchen expert? Well, she’s got 15 years of experience in the kitchen. She’s trained in classical French cuisine, having honed her talent under Michelin-starred chefs. Reshmi makes on average 17 luxury cakes a day – from birthdays to weddings and every other occasion you’d need a cake. Safe to say she’s got the inside track. Now let’s cut to the chase.

Here are the kitchen utensils you need to bin

1. Garlic crushers are slowing you down

This is an infuriating device. It’s meant to make your life quicker and easier in the kitchen, but it doesn’t. It leaves half the cloves in the actual crusher. You’re going through loads of effort, top and tailing and then peeling to get it ready for the crusher anyway. Then you end up with 50 per cent less garlic.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - garlic crusher

Reshmi’s tip? Just flatten the clove using the flat side of a chopping knife or mug, the peel comes off easier and then chop it up, and whack it in.

2. Pasta makers – the harsh reality

We all have dreams of making our own pasta. It’s so romantic. But the actual pasta machine takes up so much space. And it’s so heavy to heave out of the way when you’re looking for other items in your kitchen-cupboard abyss.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - pasta maker

Face facts, you’re not going to make pasta often enough to justify giving over your kitchen to this gadget. Re-gift it, ebay it, be free – and just buy your pasta in the supermarket like the rest of us.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - expensive pasta machine
Also, come off it John Lewis...this doesn't need the security tag. NOBODY wants it that bad!

3. Ice cream machines are a ridiculous faff

Fairly similar to the pasta maker on this one. It’s taking up huge amounts of prime kitchen counter top real estate. And for most of them you also have to stick a massive bowl in the freezer for 24 hours before you make the ice cream. That’s a lot of physical and mental space your future ice cream is taking up.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - ice cream maker

How good is that ice cream really going to be? Do you know what else is just as good? Ben and Jerry’s, Jude’s, Nonna’s Gelato. And their cartons take up minimal room in your kitchen. (But if there’s a Pacojet going spare anywhere pass it over to us please!)

4. Rice cookers are a gimmick

Totally don’t understand the need for a rice cooker. There, I’ve said it. Great, it keeps your rice warm but also it is absolutely massive and is a one-trick pony.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets feature

Do you know what’s better than a rice cooker? A saucepan. A saucepan is versatile and will, we promise, cook rice perfectly. My quick and easy method to get perfectly fluffy rice each time? Measure your rice (1/2 cup per person, Basmati is best), rinse it in tap water a few times and let it soak for 20 minutes. Then pour out the cold water and pour in at least 4 times the amount of boiling water. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. Drain. Job done – rice cookers out!

5. Tortilla and chapati makers fall flat

Why you would have one of these machines is beyond me. They take up space and are another single-purpose item, i.e. a total waste of space. A rolling pin is just as good and doesn’t take up half the amount of space AND is energy efficient. Sure, if you’re not used to rolling out perfectly round rotis, it’ll just take a few turns in practice. But anyway, whatever the shape, they taste the same. Tortilla makers are just as useless as pancake makers.

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - pancake maker


6. Pizza Wheels

The most awkward cutting utensil. Why would you need one when a knife does the job just as well (and better, due to a sharper blade), or even better, a pair of scissors? How are you not scared of a big, exposed, rotary round blade lurking in the depths of your drawers?! 

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - pizza wheel

7. Cake Knives

Capitalism is the villain here, trying to put knives in between people and their cake. You definitely do not need a special cake knife to cut cake. Literally ANY knife will cut a cake. 

8. Manual Sifters

The most annoying of baking gadgets - a flour sifter. Save yourself from chronic RSI by just using a good old fashioned...sieve.

Useless kitchen gadget - flour sifter

These silly contraptions not only sieve the tiniest amounts of flour at a time with each trigger of your poor finger, they also are an absolute PITA to clean after. 

9. Egg Whisk

Whoever thought, "You know what, we've been whisking eggs all wrong for generations. We need something better than a fork to whisk eggs. We need a special EgG WhIsK". 

Useless Kitchen Gadgets - egg whisk

Love how this product is labelled as "professional egg whisk". Never has anyone seen a head massager cosplaying as an egg whisk in a professional kitchen. 

What about you – what do you think is the biggest waste of space or money in a kitchen? Maybe boiling-water taps seem crazy when you have a kettle? Or do you find toasties are so much better made in the frying pan than on a toastie maker? And what could you absolutely not live without? Let us know what you think in comments!

*When we say "bin", we mean give away, or sell on. Basically, try everything before adding to landfill!

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