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Behind the Scenes with our Pink Sweetheart Cake

Sorry to cause any alarm at all if you've noticed me being AWOL from Instagram. Whilst I'm quiet on social media, we've been baking up a storm in the bakery with our extraordinary birthday cakes, voted as the best in London over and over again.

Lockdown or not, our cakes have brightened up birthdays all across the capital. Freshly baked, and delivered straight from our bakery to Richmond, this sweet Pink Sweetheart two-tiered birthday cake for Tori may have brightened up all of South West London! 

Birthday Cake delivered in Richmond

Layers and layers or our freshly baked, moist (I shudder as I use that word, but there is no good alternative for MOIST) vanilla sponge, filled with our silky Swiss meringue tastes SO BIRTHDAY.

Birthday Cake delivered in Richmond

This cake is one of our most popular designs and it's easy to see why - the pink and white stripes and candied popcorn are playful, the buttercream flowers and macarons are pretty, and the pink baked buttermilk doughnuts are FUN. Our glossy Belgian dark chocolate drip is stunningly appetising too, and makes this cake definitely look as good as it tastes.

Pink Cake in Richmond

Our smallest two-tier size, 4"/6", is a really cute size that is perfect for spoiling someone on their birthday in lockdown with social distancing still the norm. It makes a dramatic impact with size from its height and is perfectly sized for enjoying leftovers over the week. Cuz let's be real, in such a LONG year a birthday really needs to be stretched out to a birth-week.

Lots of love,


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March 28, 2021

Imagine having to trawl over here to see if you’re still with us. 😒😂

Glad you are though, and this looks delicious.


Tracy Thompson

Tracy Thompson

March 09, 2021

Glad you are ok x

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