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Our World Famous Croquembouche Cake

I love to make my silly tongue-in-cheek joke about being a world-famous bakery in Brentford. But actually, our signature cake, our Croquembouche Cake, really is world famous.

It went viral after a Delish video of its recipe. It's also been featured in lots of "best of" lists across the world wide web.

Unicorn Wedding Cake News

But perhaps, my most favourite Croquembouche fact is that it featured on the COVER of Time Out London magazine and headed up the capital's list of Best Desserts in London.

Time Out Cover Anges de Sucre

When I created is all the way back in 2015 I never thought it would've achieved the status it has. It's also inspired lots of other bakeries to make their own versions!

We've made many variations of the popular croquembouche. One of my favourite has to be this blue-green-themed one for an epic birthday celebration in Surrey - where we now regularly deliver our cakes to!

Custom Croquembouche Cake London

Our croquembouche is super special because it is ALL CAKE. Yes, even the conical structure underneath all the treats is 100% our Hero Sponge recipe.

Hero Sponge Cake Cone

The sponges are stacked and tiered, with layers of our signature Swiss meringue buttercream. It's then carved into shape and dripped with pure butter Belgian chocolate ganache till it coats the entire cone.

Croquembouche Chocolate Drip

Our hand-made macarons, profiteroles, eclairs, buttermilk doughnuts, buttercream flowers and candied popcorn are used to decorate the entire structure all the way around, top-to-bottom.

Croquembouche decorations

Croquembouche Decorating

It is a total feast for the eyes and tummy, and a cake I shall never ever tire of. 

Lots of love,


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