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Mega Meta Rainbow Cake in Chiswick

Each and every one of our meta cakes is a true labour of love. They are possibly THE most tedious of cakes to create, however the end result is striking and inexplicably appetising.

Mega Meta Rainbow Cake Chiswick

And the MOST tedious of them is our Mega Meta Rainbow cake, like this one that we had made a delivered for a birthday party in Chiswick. Rainbow cakes, as they are, involve a huge time investment in comparison to other flavours. They not only require multiple tins, bowls, and spatulas simultaneously, but they also amount to at least five times as much of washing up compared to other cakes.

Rainbow Cake Buttercream

The real joy in a rainbow cake is when the recipient, birthday boy or girl, cuts into it. The surprise of the colourful layers inside make it such a fun experience and the expressions are a wonder to capture on camera, making memories forever. As a cake maker though? Well, I'm only baking and decorating it. I don't really get to cut into it to get that same level of unbridled joy. Unless, it's a meta rainbow cake!

Stacked Rainbow Cake Tiers

Yes, the Mega Meta Rainbow Cake is one of the most labour intensive cakes. Not only are we preparing the rainbow layers as per usual, we are also making the teeniest, tiniest, 2" rainbow layer cake, with striped rainbow buttercream on the outside. 

Mini Rainbow Cake

Once the 2" little rainbow cake is decorated, I have to hold my breath and use a warm dry knife to cut the most delicate slice out of it. The slice is then used to decorate a cupcake, and the rest of the tiny layer cake is used to decorate the larger base rainbow cake.

Mega Rainbow Cake Tiers

In a tiered version, there are literal layers and layers and layers of rainbows. Mixed in with a lot of Reshmi tears. I'm kidding, no tears were shed, other than tears of joy at the end because I could not believe my own eyes - how stunning does this colossal rainbow cake look!

Meta Rainbow Cake Decorating

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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