Imagine that, not only were we being bestowed the title of being one of London's most showstopping desserts amidst the likes of some super big names (curious? You have to check out the full list here!), my Horn of the Unicorn croquembouche cake was chosen as the FRONT COVER of the latest issue of Time Out! OMGEEEEEZ.

Time Out Best Desserts

The epicness doesn't just stop there. Open up the magazine and it's alongside the editor's letter, as well as the leading headline image over a fat two-page double spread in the feature! I can't believe it, except it's actually really really real!

Time Out Best Desserts

I've received such lovely messages of support and congrats; it's been amazing to hear from so many friends and followers who spotted the cover on their way to work and instantly recognised it. I had never thought being on the front cover of any magazine, let alone one as big as Time Out London, was ever going to be conceivable. I truly could not feel more proud of our little business right now than I ever have before. 

Time Out Frost Cover Anges de Sucre

How did this all happen? We don't have a PR agent/manager or anything like that. I barely scrape through the day with admin on top of our production and planning for the weeks ahead, so getting to grips with PR and marketing is very much through our own efforts on this blog and Instagram. So I was genuinely surprised when the editor of Time Out called in a Croquembouche for consideration for the feature - London's Most Showstopping Desserts. "No biggie, I'll whip one up in a jiffy", said no one ever. It takes at least 3 days to get a croquembouche made from scratch - such a thing of beauty can never be rushed because it requires so much precision. Like a big jigsaw puzzle without a picture reference to guide! Just pure intuition and a tremendous amount of focus and concentration. It's quite literally and physical and mental workout. I am SO drained after making one, but never have I been more motivated to curb a stupid seasonal coldy/flu type thing that was making the rounds to power through and get to grips with the Horn of the Unicorn. And how crazily resplendent does it look, if I may say so myself?? Well actually...Time Out says it too ;)

Time Out Best Desserts London

Thank you all very much for all your well wishes and messages. It's such an exciting time for us and I'm deeply grateful for all your support!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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