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Easter is a wonderful time, typically signifying new beginnings and stepping into spring with optimism after a long grey winter, at least here in the northern hemisphere.

Just after last Christmas I had set myself a goal to shift all 15kgs of my baby weight (I mean...I call it baby weight but truth be told it's biscuit, cake and ice cream weight) by Easter. It was a bold target, one that I knew I may not achieve but nevertheless felt like I needed some form of finality to at least aim towards.

Easter Egg Nest Cake

So with the help of some crafty calorie counting, better meal choices (hello quinoa and porridge!), Ergobaby carrier workouts with Cari-fit, and a lot more getting out-and-about I was on a steady track to losing a third of my goal within 8 weeks. I felt like I was on a winning streak, I even dug out my fave pre-preggo dress buried so far behind in my wardrobe to squeeze into for X-ray's christening! 

New Logo

(Yup! Just cheekily dropped in a sneak peek of our new logo by the mega-talent that is Studio Sappor!)

With our rebrand underway and gaining momentum, I dove into photoshoots, new cake creations, hiring, and doing all the bits and bobs whilst caring for the sprog. Our new Easter Egg nest cake is layers of lovely moist Belgian chocolate sponge cake with a cookies and cream Swiss meringue buttercream, a cheeky chocolate drip, bran flake chocolate nests and pastel mini chocolate eggs.

Easter Egg Nest Cake

I thought I was one of those mums, y'know, the ones that do it all.

Ergobaby Cari-fit Working Mum

And just like that, it snowed, and I hit the skids. SNAP.

I felt extremely stretched, and behind, stressed and anxious, and of course sleep deprived. I fell back into bad habits of skipping breakfast, snacking on rubbish and vegetating out of exhaustion instead of going out. The scales haven't shown a drop in weeks and I am feeling pretty demoralised about it all. I won't be fitting into that dress for the Christening after all. But I've accepted that these days will come and go, as that's what I assume mumming is like, and to ride out the muddle, instead of beating myself up about it I'll get some bigger, more comfortable outfits and force a spring in my step and Just.Get.Out.

Babyzen Yoyo London

Excuse me while I pose all nonchalantly like an uber pretentioso-Instatosser

So while our little man grows so quickly, I'll have to take my own time in my weight loss journey and remind myself to reign it in a little when it all gets too much no matter how exciting. Cuz, lemme tell you...THIS REBRAND IS SO FREAKIN EXCITING AOHMAGAAAADDD!

Birthday Cakes London Catherine Frawley

Photo: Catherine Frawley, Party Decor: Peach Blossom, Styling: Boutique Blooms & yours truly

Thank you all for your encouraging comments and sharing your experiences. I love hearing them and knowing I'm not alone muddling through motherhood!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo   

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