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Bespoke Avengers Endgame Kids Birthday Cake

[Updated 22/11/2023] One of our loyal customers came back to order a bespoke Avengers Endgame-themed birthday cake and cupcakes. I’ve been getting more and more into bespoke cake orders as it helps flex the old creative side of my frazzled brain. The customer wanted a 6-inch chocolate layer cake covered with sprinkles and smarties. They also wanted Avengers-themed cupcakes with printed edible Endgame toppers.

Bespoke Hulk Avengers Birthday Cake

The Marvel-ous Cake Design

Initially, they were going to place toys on top of the cake to decorate it. But I suggested adding a hand-modelled Hulk fist which looked like it was punching its way out of the cake through the smarties. I love it!

Covering the sides of a cake with sprinkles takes some skill and practice (and a LOT of sprinkles!). The buttercream needs to be soft for the sprinkles to attach so you can’t chill the frosted cake to firm up for easier handling. You have to be very gentle and light with applying the sprinkles to the sides to avoid dents and finger marks. It’s not something that can be rushed, as slow and steady is definitely going to win the sprinkle sprint. It’s also a pretty messy operation, so it’s wise to lay a towel on the floor and place the cake on a tray with a lip to catch the millions of rogue sprinkles.

Birthday Cake with Sprinkles

Delivery to Your Doorstep

We delivered the bespoke birthday cakes to the customer in Notting Hill. As with all our special cakes, the fondant Hulk fist was dowelled and fully supported in the cake. We do this so that it would travel well and be delivered safely without collapsing into the cake or toppling over.

Avengers Cupcakes

Order Your Bespoke Marvel Cake Today!

We can only take on a limited amount of bespoke enquiries each week. We also need plenty of notice for bespoke cakes compared to our online birthday cake range. Please do email us your enquiry ASAP as I absolutely love bespoke cake creations! There’s something very special about making memories through cake for a child’s birthday, and I’m 100% here for it :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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December 15, 2020

Nice cake

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