If you lurk on Instagram as much as I do following London foodies you may have seen references to Sexy Fish, one of the hottest new restaurants in Mayfair in recent times. Delivering to fancy trendy restaurants across London is not new to us of course, as in the same weekend we delivered birthday cakes to Chiltern Firehouse, Hamyard and Balthazar but I was so looking forward to delivering the 3-tiered Pink Sweetheart cake to Sexy Fish because I'd heard SO MUCH about it on social media.

3-tier Birthday Cake Delivery London

I usually take hyped up restaurants with a pinch of salt - a lot of press around Sexy Fish mentioned the punchy pricey fit-out of the digs but I wasn't quite expecting to see millions of pounds worth of artwork and wall sized fish tank installations all in one place! It's not just a restaurant (with an amazing pan-Asian and sushi menu that I cannot wait to try once this preggo has popped), it's a museum!

Sexy Fish London

The interiors are absolutely breath-taking, and the staff some of the most friendly I've come across - it is indeed rare where they recognise us "delivery people" as potential patrons too and even tell us the best times to come back for drinks or a meal. And go back I definitely will because DID I MENTION THE FISH TANKS!?

Sexy Fish Restaurant Cake Delivery London

Anyway, while I wax lyrical about one of the best restaurants we've ever delivered to in Central London I actually also need to talk about this cake.

3-tiered Birthday Cake London

It's a real beauty with three layers of pink vanilla sponge on each tier measuring 4", 6" and 8", dripped with our signature Belgian chocolate ganache drip, and decorated with pink and white baked buttermilk doughnuts, candied popcorn, buttercream flowers, macarons and customised with gold lustre and leaf details, and it's final resting place was the exclusive private dining room at Sexy Fish.

Tiered Birthday Cake Delivery London

Happy Birthday Simge!

Birthday Cake Delivery London 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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