Non-Naff Number Birthday Cakes

The first non-naff number cakes were born in the Anges kitchen. That's right folks, you heard it and saw it here first!

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We do a fair amount of own-trumpet blowing as any other business would, but for reals, our number cakes are a class above. Number cakes have a bit of a bad rap of being hackneyed, dull-as-ditch-water, predictable, tired, all-the-zzzz. They're often covered in pleathery fondant, or frosted haphazardly, with novelty figurines or plastic toys stuck on. But that's not how we roll duh.

Our Pastel Swirl number cake is as pretty as pretty can be. Vanilla sponge layers frosted with our smooth Swiss meringue buttercream, glazed in that glossy Belgian chocolate ganache drip that we so love and then decorated with an intricate buttercream pattern in pastel colours.

Pastel Number Cake

  It sure does score a high numero uno in the Number cake ranks methinks. 

Pastel Number Birthday Cake

 But the number cake that packs in the real va-va-voom is the Choco Cookie style. It's choc-a-block with Bourbon biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, Mars bars, Double Deckers, Maltesers, Rolos, chocolate pearls, lashings on smooth cocoa buttercream, chocolate ganache and chocolate cake sponge...I wouldn't even know where to start?!

Chocolate Number Cake

These number cakes have become so popular for big milestones, DOUBLE DIGIT milestones!

Chocolate Number Birthday Cake

I hope you also agree our number cakes are the coolest number cake kids on the block, or at the very least delicious and completely non-naff ;)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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