9 trends you may have missed about birthday cakes

We’ve moved on since the days where birthday cakes were firmly dominated by Colin the Caterpillar. These days, birthday cakes are a wholly different affair- bigger, better, bolder and with plenty more icing. Here are 9 trends you might have missed when it comes to the world of birthday cakes.

1) They’re not just for kids

Let’s just get this one straight out of the way- birthday cakes are not just for kids! Don’t miss out on all the fun by assuming that cakes only have to be for children’s parties. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, consider having a macaron topped cake, like our Posh Pistachio Cake. Birthday cakes don’t get more adult than that!

Pistachio Cake - London

2) Two layers is out

Gone are the days of two paltry sponges filled with jam and buttercream. In is multiple layers (and even multiple flavours) of sponge, filled with delicious fillings and topped with even more decorations, creating the most spectacular effect when you slice into the cake. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Ferrero Rocher Cake.

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake - Free London Delivery

3) Cakes can contain secret fillings

Is there anything more exciting than slicing into a delicious cake, only to discover it is filled with your favourite sweets or chocolate? Yep, that’s right- birthday cakes these days can be the gifts that keep on giving, filled, and overflowing with your favourite treats. Making this at home can be simpler than it sounds. Once the cake is assembled, simply cut a circle in the centre of the cake and fill this with sweets/chocolates. Use a little of the discarded sponge to create a pinata cake top, before icing over the entire cake. When the birthday boy/girl slices in, they’ll get the ultimate surprise!

4) It’s not just what’s in the cake that counts, but what’s on top

Now don’t get us wrong- cakes have to taste not just good, but amazing. We up the stakes however when it comes to this we argue that it’s not just what’s in the cake that counts, but what’s on top. Birthday cakes these days are elaborate affairs, topped with even more delicious treats. For example, the Biscuit Binge Cake is topped with all our favourite biscuits. Cake and biscuit? Yes please!

5) It can look like your favourite savoury food

Do you know someone burger obsessed? Or maybe chicken wings are their thing? Well, you can now have their favourite savoury treat made into a sweet treat for their birthday. Cakes that look savoury but are just as sweet as the original are all the trend and we have you covered. From the Triple Decker Faux Fried Chicken ‘N’ Waffle Cake, to the Burger & Chips Cake, they can now have it all!

Burger and Chips Cake - Free London Delivery

6) When it comes to kids’ characters, 2D no longer makes the cut

It used to be the trend for cakes to have a 2D printed image of a child’s favourite character on the cake. The stakes have risen however, with incredible 3D models of the characters on top of the cake. Once you see our incredible Peter Rabbit carrot cake, complete with a hand modelled fondant character, you’ll never go back!

Peter Rabbit Cake

7) Cakes have replaced candles

Don’t risk a fire hazard with too many candles on the cake, and instead shout about that birthday milestone with an incredible Number Cake. Available in numbers 1-9, you can even personalise it with a message written in chocolate. We’ll take cake over candles any day.

Number Cake

8) Cakes no longer have to be round

Birthday cakes are quite literally breaking the mould when it comes to shape. Whilst we still love a traditional round cake, you can now give someone some extra birthday love with a love heart shaped cake. Get extra brownie points with chocolate lovers by gifting them this delicious Heart Choco Cookie Cake, smothered with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream and topped with Rolos, Maltesers and Oreos. What isn’t there to love?

Heart Cake

9) Any theme goes!

Don’t be limited by premade birthday cakes in set themes, as one of the trends now is to have a birthday cake perfectly themed to the recipient! It could be represented by their favourite place, like this Triple Decker Viva Las Vegas Themed Cake or even by their favourite films, like with this Bollywood Blockbuster knockout!

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