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I’ve been waiting to blurt a big secret. Nope, I’m not pregnant, and never opening a shop or cafe again...and  a cookbook may still be something I never get the time to do...but I have another mega announcement to make:

I’m competing on Bake Off: the Professionals!!

For those uninitiated to the world of GBBO, it’s a big reality-TV baking competition and while the original is for amateur bakers (for which I’m obvs not eligible to apply), the spin-off is an extremely demanding baking battle between the top pastry chefs in the country...and every step is brutal and competitive, right from the start!

Panda Macarons

I couldn’t imagine even getting past the application and audition stages - I poured hours upon hours, and countless egg whites over ground almonds, to perfect my panda macarons to show off at the auditions. I was convinced I was too round to fit the square peg shape of the usual big 5-star hotels/Michelin-starred restaurants patisserie chefs...but we made it as one of the selected top 12 teams in the whole freakin county to compete on the show!


I’d gone underground for months in preparation - practicing and perfecting was a very steep learning curve and my team mate and I poured in a LOT of labour, putting our personal and business lives on hold. Being away from X-Ray and ripping his routines apart was an added stress but I hope all that was sacrificed pays off...and that you tune in to root for me this Tuesday, 30th April, 20:00 on Channel 4!

Great British Bake Off contestants

I’ll be on Instagram stories and lives on 30th April watching it with our team, friends and family whilst biting my nails - join me @angesdesucre.

Everyone loves an underdog right?! ;)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


Ps: I’m a bag of jittery nerves. Please send me lots of lovely words to calm me down. The countdown is ON!

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25 April, 2019

everytime I watch your ig stories and read your blogs you just brighten up my day with your bubbly and witty personality. :) I am all the way in Sri Lanka, and I hope I’m able to get hold of some internet pirate to help me watch it live on channel 4 ;) You go girl!

24 April, 2019

I adore this programme and I love following your world – what a dreamy combination!! Bring on Tuesday!! And good luck! 🍀


24 April, 2019

OMG!!! Congrats congrats congrats! good luck! buena suerte !

Sue Sadler
Sue Sadler

24 April, 2019

You will be absolutely brilliant. Your bubbly personality and originality will shine through. Will be rooting for you xx


24 April, 2019

Eek so super excited for you, can’t wait to watch!! Rooting for you all the way Reshmi!! 🙌🏻

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