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Dive into the Deep: A Fin-tastic Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Mermaid Party!

[Updated 20/11/2023] If you're a devoted reader of our blog, you may have noticed a distinct aquatic theme lately. Not the usual smoked haddock or tinned sardine affair, but a magical "my-mermaid-fish-tail-is-better-than-yours" vibe.

For fellow 80s babies, reminiscing about Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks in Splash or Disney's sea stunner Ariel might ring a nostalgic bell. Mermaids, in our opinion, are simply awesome. They spark the imagination, exude beachy hotness with frizz-free hair, and navigate the waters like kick-arse swimmers (no arm bands needed with a swishy tail).

As we meticulously crafted our mermaid cakes and shared our delightful Little Mermaid cake recipe, we felt compelled to take things up a notch with a sea princess-themed party. Why not? The festive season is approaching, providing the perfect excuse for a fins-up celebration!

Mermaid Cake Recipe

Now, let's dive into planning the ultimate mermaid party! Be forewarned, fish puns will be liberally used throughout.


Choosing a mermaid theme opens the floodgates to underwater decoration heaven. With an abundance of watery and fabulously fishy decor options, you'll be spoiled for choice. Think blue, floaty, and beyond the ordinary.

For kids' parties, go Disney-style with huge fish helium balloons from Bubblegum Balloon's adorable selection and themed plates and cups. For a grown-up affair, opt for paper lanterns, blue streamers, and coral-like pom-poms in pink and yellow.

This season, embrace tassels in green and blue for a wild seaweed touch. If you prefer a beachy vibe, think paper palm trees, Hawaiian prints, flower leis—the ocean's your oyster!


Mermaid Sequin Decoration

How about paper invites shaped like a fish tail? Imagining opening that beauty amidst mundane bills is a delight. Get creative with DIY tail stencils or opt for online mermaid invites for a hassle-free adult affair.


More fancy dress than fancy pants—decide if you want mystical sea creatures or casual attire. Add a touch of mermaid glamour with shell jewelry or a sequined ensemble. Our team's mermaid obsession led us to unearth some weird and wonderful mermaid outfits for your shimmying pleasure.

Mermaid makeup? It's all about glitter, sequins, and bold colours. Check out this YouTube mermaid makeup tutorial for inspiration.


Catering for a mermaid party? Think fish, fish, and more fish. Sushi, a crowd-pleaser, offers a variety of visually appealing options. Consider ordering a £16 sushi platter from Marks & Spencer for convenience.

For non-fish lovers, explore vegetarian or non-fish sushi options. Don't forget the humble prawn cocktail and prawn skewers for a quick and loved fish option.

Sushi Cake

And for the kiddies, stick to tried-and-tested treats, maybe throw in some fish fingers for novelty!

Remember, if serving fish, handle storage and presentation with care to avoid any unwanted surprises.


Drinks for Mermaid Party

Humming Under the Sea? Join us! Dive into a sea-colored world with sophisticated blue cocktails like Blue Hawaiian or Blue Bird. Check out Cocktail Flow for a selection of enticing options. For non-alcoholics, a Blue Lagoon mocktail is a delightful choice.


Mermaid Croquembouche Cake

Of course, we can't end this post without mentioning cake! Our Mermaid Croquembouche cake is a masterpiece, blending underwater accents with a delicious mix of vanilla sponge, coral hues, pink chocolate glaze, hand-made fondant tails, hazelnut praline seashells, macaron oysters, Maltesers, Rolos, white chocolate crispearls, profiteroles, eclairs, candied popcorn, and piped buttercream swirl detailing. It's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

So, to cap off your mermaid party, consider a fabulously fishy cake as the centerpiece. Whether it's a birthday bash, an anniversary, or just a great time, cake makes every event better.

Explore our Fantasy Mermaid Cake or our equally delectable Mermaid Cake. Choose your size, add to your basket, follow the online instructions, and we'll deliver to most Central London locations, with arrangements for surrounding areas.  


There you have it—your mermaid party survival kit. Dive in and relish those fish-tastic vibes. Here's to all the half fish, half humans out there!

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