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The Ultimate Matcha Cake

Matcha cakes are some of our best selling cakes. So if anyone accuses Matcha of being a faddy flavour or puts it on one of those silly what's-hot-what's-not lists imma gunna say get outta 'ere. It's been around forever as a celebrated and much-loved ingredient spreading from Japan and just because it has grown in popularity in recent years outside of Japan doesn't mean it's a just means we're catching onto a good thing.

Matcha Green Tea Cake

This right here is a very very good thing. It's the best, the ULTIMATE, the ONLY MATCHA CAKE I'll ever need in my life. The all-singing, all-dancing Triple Decker Mascarpone-Matcha Latte cake.

Matcha Green Tea Cake

A tall and seriously handsome cake layered with a fudgey Belgian chocolate brownie base layer, super soft red velvet and Matcha green tea sponge layers sandwiched with Mascarpone cream cheese and Matcha Swiss meringue buttercreams and frosted in cool stripes. We've then glazed it with Belgian chocolate and Matcha green tea ganache drips and decorated with the cutest Matcha choco-latte cups, complete with pretty latte art any single-origin-swigging bearded hipster barista would be proud of.

Matcha Green Tea Cake

Cut open, and those layers are just screaming "EAT ME, even if you don't care much about Matcha you must EAT ME and you will LOVE ME". I know I've been saying this a lot lately, what with our Pink Flamingo and Zebra Rainbow cakes being OMGeezus but I really think we've outdone ourselves with this one. I love how everything comes together and basically everything about it - its height, its deeply delicious layers, the vibrant Matcha colour and the flavours, oooh the flavours! Slightly smokey-vanilla-ey green tea paired with the twinge of mascarpone tang cutting through the silky buttercream and oh so very chocolatey...un-freakin-believable.

Matcha Cake


Reshmi xoxo

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