The Cupcake Resurrection

Cupcakes have been around forever. And ever and ever, traced as far back as 1796 according to the Wikipedia guru. They peaked during the heyday of Sex & the City, late 90s, and carried on through the early noughties when the 'cupcake bakery' trend spilled across the Atlantic onto the London foodie scene. They were, and still are, literally everywhere - supermarkets, corner shops, speciality shops, market stalls, bake sales, school fetes. Albeit, they're not as hyped as they were during the Carrie Bradshaw era, they're still very much loved and enjoyed.

They've seen some competition as of late - French macaroons ('macaroons'), doughnuts, choux buns and eclairs...and weird and wonderful hybrids. I don't see it as competition however; variety is the spice of life after all! It would also be unfair to label the cupcake, or any of the aforementioned items for that matter, as a 'fad' or 'trend'. They may rise and fall in popularity, but they're most definitely not Vanilla Ice one-hit-wonders. So in the cupcake's defence, while they may have been 'done-to-death' (understandably so as they are not technically the most complicated of items to create), we've breathed a much-needed new life into them and brought a Cupcake Resurrection at Anges!

We call ours the Cupcake Heroes. What makes Anges de Sucre cupcakes so special? Why do we call them heroes?

1. Well...firstly...LOOK AT THEM!

     Best Cupcakes in London

The Milkshake Cupcake range standing to attention - Cookies & Cream Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, Banoffee Milkshake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Maltshake

Batman, Superman, Spiderman...they all have one thing in common - they're all HOT. Maybe not so much in their 'civilian' personas, but definitely sizzling as their Superhero-selves. Peter Parker anyone? No?! Yeah, thought so. Even Mary-Jane only took any notice when he changed into his red lycra Spidey-suit. And these cupcakes have donned their superhero cloak of deliciousness and are HAWT-AS.

2. Frosting so smooth, so silky, mmmm-mousse-y, and so unbelievably LIGHT you could be lapping it up endlessly and still keep wanting more. We only ever use Swiss Meringue Buttercream despite it being much more labour-intensive and time-consuming. It really is the reigning buttercream in my opinion. It uses a lot less sugar than the traditional icing-sugar frosting we see everywhere (the kind that forms an unappetising hard 'crust' on the outside) and we only use REAL DAIRY BUTTER (no gross margarine or 'shortenings' - did you know the actual colour of margarine is GREY?! Yeah, how unsexy is that?! 50 shades of GROSS). By using less sugar the flavours are way more 'true' to themselves and so very well balanced.

Best Cupcakes London

Best Cupcakes in London? I don't care if it comes across as 'braggy'...I really do think so. These will change your life!

 3. We make them ridiculous and have so much fun while we're at it. They're nuts. We're nuts. And our customers go nuts. We've ditched the dull-as-ditch-water flavours and given the cupcake a massive make-over in imaginative and playful taste and texture combinations, without the need for any twee gimmicks, such as:

YOLO-ROLO - Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Sticky Toffee Popcorn and ROLOS!
Rolo Cupcakes London
Matcha-chacha - Chocolate, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Walnuts
SO pretty that artist Enya Todd immortalised it in a painting!
Marcel-at-the-Movies - Banana, Sea-Salted Caramel, Caramel Popcorn, Cornish Fudge and a Sea-Salted Caramel Macaroon
Best Cupcakes in London
Even if you were a cupcake-non-believer you'll be convinced these are the real deal - browse to order cupcakes online here. I promise you amazingness and absolutely no gimmicks. We've also just launched our branded cupcakes for delivery across London. Also part of Cupcake Cake collection - what could be better than a Cake Cupcakes on top?
Anges de Sucre XOXO

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