We celebrated Diwali in big, bold and colourful style this year. It was X-Ray's first proper Diwali party/play date so we went ALL OUT.

Our outfits were on point - my saree was an excellent find from eBay (by the designer Papa Don't Preach), and X-Ray's sherwani was so sharp. The overground train passengers did not see us coming, but once they did, they couldn't NOT see us.

Diwali Gulab Jamun Cake - lighting sparkler

The cake was a first for me. I decided to create a small-scale cakescape with a pistachio, cardamom and rose water sponge flavour combination. I made the cakescaoe out of 6", 4" and 3" layer cakes decorated with our signature Swiss meringue buttercream.

Diwali Gulab Jamun Cake - decorating 

I wanted the cake to look super-desi, but still have an Anges de Sucre flair to it. So I made each individual cake look different. The 6" cake was pink with gold leaf, and green stencilled patterns. The 4" cake was in green and pink stripes, purple paisley stencilling and purple swirls and whirls. And the 3" layer cake was fully encrusted in gold mixed sprinkles.

Diwali Gulab Jamun Party Cake

Once placed on the board I decorated it with a chocolate bowl filled with our own-made Gulab Jamuns. They were DELICIOUS. Along with the gulab jamuns, I added some chocolate diyas with edible almond wicks. Annoyingly, the almond wicks did not burn, but we did have a cake sparkler to save the day!

Gulab Jamuns

Our friend's Diwali party was full of lovely food and fun activities for the kids. Rangoli making, phuchka making, a chaat buffet, and a fabulous garden-safe fireworks display.


And of course, no celebration is complete without throwing a few Bollywood shapes on the dancefloor!

Diwali Chaat Buffet

Happy Diwali all!

Reshmi xoxo 

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