The UnScotch Egg - Greatest Foodie Invention Ever?!

Answer is Yes. It really is.

UnScotch Egg

Packaging Design: Squash Banana

So during my baker's block dilemma following the closing of our shop I was really missing my funk (if anyone else is a fan of the Mighty Boosh and remembers Old Gregg'...that funk!). I needed to snap out of it and pushed myself out of my now comfortable-comfort zone of macarons and mad cakes. With Easter approaching I was initially thinking of playing it a bit safe with chocolate eggs but then randomly thought NAAAAAHHH let's make a brownie scotch egg, that will be totally rad, so crazy unique. 

Brownie Scotch Egg

If you google Brownie Scotch Egg, like I did, you'll see it's not really very novel...or clever for that matter. All the recipes involve coating a Cadbury's creme egg in brownie crumble. Shoot me now if you must but...I hate creme eggs. There, I said it. Either way, apparently they're not as nice anymore since Cadbury's changed the recipe with cheaper chocolate, which gave me all the more reason to think harder about what the egg component of the UnScotch Egg would be. We had our booms brownie recipe down to a T and needed to hatch an equally booms eggy bit.

UnScotch Easter Egg

Together with Ollie, our in-house chocolate expert, aka Choc-Man, who skillfully tempered our Belgian white chocolate to make the cutest egg shells, we filled each egg with our all-new vegetarian marshmallow recipe and finished off with the perfect runny "yolk" of sea-salted caramel ganache. Nestled inside a layer of our fudgey chocolatey brownie crumble and a crust of Speculoos cookie crumbs I really do think our UnScotch Eggs are not only a taste sensation but a memorable experience because blimey, it's a real mind-fudge looking SO MUCH LIKE A SCOTCH EGG.

Brownie Easter Egg

I took a prototype to the pub to gift a friend and see what he thought. I didn't tell him it WASN'T a real scotch egg and once he bit half off his face was really perplexed and said:

"My brain and my tongue are fighting to understand what's going on. It's bl00dy good so I can't say I'm disappointed it's NOT a scotch egg!"


Job done! Get your pre-orders in NOW for our launch on March 1st (you can pick your delivery date closer to Easter for optimal freshness...or have it delivered ASAP if you really can't wait to mess with someone's head). It's guaranteed to be the best Easter Egg gift you've ever gifted, and if you could film their reactions when they bite into it that would be fab ;)

Lots of eggy love,

Reshmi xoxo


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