Kids' parties can be hugely exciting for the kids but stressful for the parents planning them. To make your life a little easier and to bring the fun back into planning, we’ve put together our top seven tips for throwing the ultimate kids' party!

Tip 1: Create a Kid’s Party Theme

One of the easiest ways to throw the ultimate kids' party is to settle on a theme early on, as this makes all the decisions for the rest of the party much easier. Kids love a theme, as for them, it’s a magical way to transport to another realm. You could choose a theme from their favorite films, TV programs, or books. Alternatively, you can choose a more generic theme, such as pirates or princesses.

Movie Themed Cake

Tip 2: Get Dressed Up!

To make your theme come to life, it’s time to raid the fancy-dress box! Having all the kids dress up makes the party feel exciting, and there is no excuse for the adults not to get involved too. You can go as simple or as overboard as you like with the outfits. For example, a pirate could be anything from a ripped shirt and eye patch to the full Pirates of the Caribbean with wigs, hats, and stuffed parrots. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider inviting a face-painting artist as an activity for the kids. If you’re having a theme, you could also consider turning up in a costume to surprise the kids. For example, a guest appearance from ‘Spiderman’ halfway through the party is certainly something for them to remember!

Face Painting for Kids Birthday Party

Face painting for Kids Party - Kat Forsyth Photography

Tip 3: Organize Some Kids Party Games

We all know kids can spend hours playing when they’re all together, but to avoid chaos breaking loose, consider arranging some party games for them to play. Give the old favourites a breath of fresh air by giving them a twist on the chosen theme. Instead of Musical Chairs, how about Musical Pirate Ships, where you must find a ‘ship’ to sit on when the music stops? Pass the Parcel can be transformed with the use of exciting paper and themed gifts. Other good party games include Simon Says and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You could also consider hiring some games, such as a bouncy assault course.

Tip 4: Surprise Them with Kid’s Party Entertainment

If you want to go the extra mile, or you’re struggling for party game ideas, it can be a good idea to bring in some kid’s party entertainment. Party entertainers are brilliant at bringing the children together and ensuring they have the best time. This could include a magician, clown, face painter, or DJ.

Tip 5: Get the Decorations Out!

To truly transport the kids to a magical place and to throw the ultimate kids' party, it’s time to get decorating. From the moment they step into the location, you want to transport them, so think about all the ways you can do this—from the wall hangings to the napkins!

Honeycomb balls, balloons, confetti and other party props from Peach Blossom

Tip 6: Have Kids Party Food

After all the excitement of the games, the last thing you want is a group of hungry children becoming hangry (hungry angry)! To avoid the strops and meltdowns, make sure you have the kids' party food ready to go. The easiest route for this is a buffet. For snacks, think crisps, dips, and vegetable sticks. For a fuss-free main, finger sandwiches work well and prevent any sticky fingers. If you have the time, it’s a great idea to try and work the food into your theme. For example, for a little girl’s princess party, the sandwiches can be cut with cookie cutters in the shapes of butterflies, stars, and love hearts.

Tip 7: Don’t Forget the Cake!

Is it even a party without a cake?! One of the most important parts of any kid's dream party is an amazing cake. Here is where you can get really creative and tie it into the theme of the party. There are lots of options too, from a cake made from cupcakes, to cake pops (round balls of cake on a lollypop stick). The possibilities are endless, so let your creative streak come out!

Birthday Cake

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