If you've been following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, on the street, in the shop, anywhere under the sun you may have have heard us shout about this already...We are now stocked at SELFRIDGES in their legendary Food Hall!

You know, that EPIC department store on Oxford Street...a store so epic they have their own TV show (which btw I love - if you haven't watched Mr Selfridge you really must). And what a way to be launched in-store as well - with a frighteningly MASSIVE display in their bakery section with our disgustingly deliciously gory giant tiered cakes for Halloween which were inspired by our favourite serial killers, Dexter, It and Saw.

Selfridges Cakes

They're quite a spectacle so make sure you have a look when in town! And if you're unable to have a look in reality take a look in virtual-ity.  

Selfridges Cakes 

Our Selfridges debut made a massive splash in the press as well as we were described as the 'most spectacular cakes' by the Telegraph and picked as their number 2 choice for indulgence this Halloween. Although my Dad would probably say (as he had throughout my childhood), "What? Why not number 1?!" Dad, calm down...we'll get there ;)

Best Cakes Telegraph Selfridges

So while we buckled down squirreling away on our Halloween range, Christmas range (watch this space closely!), launching our awesome cake-decorating classes (YES!) and also trying to keep up with the city's growing appetite for our OTT, mentalist and totally bonkers cakes I couldn't really fully celebrate Durga Puja, a festival in honour of the Goddess of Victory of Good over Evil, which is essentially the equivalent of Christmas to Bengalis worldwide. The most I could do was observe a vegetarian diet for the duration of Navratri, the 9 days leading up to Dussehra, (mainly out of respect for my mum) cutting out fish, meat and eggs (nope, not even a MACARON or single scrap of cake!). Now I intend on binging on a whole load of fish and cake and passing out like a beached whale with the biggest smile.

Salted Caramel Naked Cake

What was more challenging than going completely egg-less during this time was noticing some 'unsavoury' reviews cropping up all over the place online. Initially they really got us down and doubting our products and service. Like every business, we have customers who 99% of the time are super happy with our products and service but for the times when things may not go 100% according to plan or if there is ever a serious complaint regarding anything we expect to hear from them quick-stat to let us help fix any issues. However, after analysing these reviews and discussing with our tight team it was clear they were left by people who hadn't ever visited our shop. An example being:

BloggerBlackmail Review

I thought I'd weathered the #BloggerBlackmail storm from months ago but these further attacks that we've been able to trace back to the incident, coupled with what happened to Burger Bear Tom soon after (missed that food blagger drama? Similar #bloggerblackmail issue but at least BurgerBear got an apology here), made me realise this very important umm...realisation:

Potatoes gonna Potate

So Imma gonna make like wise Taylor Swift and shake-off this fake review mallarky because nothing tastes better than sweet victory through working hard. I think that's what Goddess Durga and my dad would have also tried to say to me...but Taylor Swift has a pretty catchy tune!

A very Happy Dussehra to all my friends, family and followers! Looking forward to sharing more of our sweet-as treats as we gear up towards this festive season.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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