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How to Celebrate a Birthday when you are Sick

You don’t have to let being sick cramp your style on your birthday. Or if you’re cooped up with someone else clocking up another year, don’t let being under the weather stop you from celebrating. Sure, you won’t be able to go out dining and dancing, or go abroad, but you can still make it super special and memorable. It just requires a bit of forward planning (which you probably have all the time in the world to do now).

Pina Colada Quarantine Cake

The Birthday Cake

This really is first and foremost. I didn’t believe how much joy a birthday cake brought to our customers until lockdown. The emotional feedback itself makes me bawl my eyes out, but the photos make me beam ear to ear.

Quarantine birthday cake

Sure, you could have any cake I suppose, maybe even one that’s home-baked. Everyone is baking these days, but having an extravagantly decorated birthday cake would make the birthday extra special. The photos will be stunning, and these memories will be etched onto our brains for a long time to come. So best make them pretty.

Balloons and Party Décor

Trust me when I say décor is super important. Our customers have been known to put so much effort into dressing up their homes in celebration of a birthday regardless, and it’s awesome!

Lockdown Birthday Cake delivered in London

Peach Blossom is an online party supplies business that delivers. They have cool large balloons and banners that’ll dress up any living room. Just don’t forget to also buy a balloon pump in case you don’t have one. Unless you have lungs the size of India, you’ll be blowing those milestone balloons up until Christmas.

Virtual Parties

Initially I poo-pooed “houseparty” and “zoom parties”. How can video calling be akin to socialising?!

I’ve now come to believe they are an awesome way to party. I will wear make up and dress up, but I don’t have to put a jacket on and agonise over which shoes to wear (sensible flats or saucy heels?!). I don’t even need to leave my home, nor do I have to tidy up before, or clean up after guests! I don’t have to worry about turning up with an incredible bottle of wine only to be served a glass of tepid off-license sauv blanc. And then I settle down on my couch and hop on the video chat with my bezzies all at once and catch up. At the end of it...I don’t have to rush for the last train, call an Uber, or fall asleep on the night bus and wake up at the last stop in High Barnet.

A virtual party is a legit way to stay in touch and celebrate with close friends and family. I particularly like the Houseparty app for the silly games I can play with them.

Good Food and Drink

If you can’t manage making a special meal from scratch, scope out your favourite local restaurants. A lot of them will be offering home delivery. Order starters, mains AND dessert. Order it all. Indulge in the leftovers. Not only will it feel special (because when have you ever ordered dessert for delivery eh?!) you’ll also be doing something that reminds you of not being under the weather. 

Netflix and Chill

How many times have you thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a movie tonight?” and then spent 45 minutes scrolling through titles on Netflix/Prime?! A lot, if you’re anything like me. So do the legwork before hand and add some titles that you’re interested in to your watch list. That way, once your special dinner is over, you’re on the couch, with your delicious birthday cake, and NOT wasting time scrolling and deciding.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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naomy natasha

naomy natasha

June 15, 2020

how much is a rainbow cake . and send me the member contract and l will odaer

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