[Updated 22/11/2023] We absolutely love our cool customers and the ideas they have. And Kimberley was the epitome of cool with her bespoke cake commission. To mark her 60th birthday she was having a party at Union Club on Frith Street in Soho. And her party was Barbie-themed!

Barbie inspired birthday cake

To match her OTT, pink and Barbie inspired theme, we came up with a bespoke novelty cake design. We designed a three tiered cake combining elements of our best-selling Pink Flamingo cake with our tiddly Pink Ballerina cake from our birthday cake collection.

Barbie themed cake - three tiers

The three tiers had different flavours of sponge - Cookies & Cream, pistachio and pink vanilla. The top tier, in addition to the macarons, chocolate feathers and candied popcorn, also had a golden fondant tiara and a golden chocolate shoe!

Barbie themed cake London

The chocolate shoe was made using a mould where I sprayed the inside lightly with gold lustre before pouring tempered white chocolate in. The chocolate has to be tempered otherwise it won’t come out of the mould. You can‘t simply melt chocolate and pour into a mould. It has to be tempered not just so it comes out of the mould easily, but also so that it retains it’s best smooth texture. I then tidied up the shoe using a hot palette knife. It’s one of my favourite cake toppers and I can’t wait to use the mould again.

Chocolate shoe cake topper

Decorating the cake was a lot of fun. Pink is always a winner as a colour on cake. But the placement of the décor on the three tiers of cake, the whirly swirls of buttercream and finishing touches are all part of the fun journey. The finished cake was the girliest ever, and so very Barbie!

Barbie inspired birthday cake London

To accompany the cake Kimberley also requested cupcakes decorated with edible Barbie decorations. She also had pink raspberry and vanilla macarons. I’m never sure about copyright and logo artwork on cakes as I’ve heard horror stories of big companies going after little cake makers. So I won’t be sharing photos of those here!

We delivered the cakes fully assembled and decorated to the Union Club in Soho, London. With an amazing cake at a cool venue, I can only imagine her 60th was LIT!

Happy 60th birthday, Kimberley :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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