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Birthday Cakes and Mykonos

I so wish the title of this post meant that we have now started delivering birthday cakes to Mykonos. Like y'know, private jet style with our cakes on board, kaftan-clad and mojitos in hand. Sorry to burst our own bubble but that's not what it is about.
Mediterranean Wedding Cake
This week we played with more modelling chocolate to make olives and olive leaves for a Mediterranean inspired wedding cake. Each chocolate olive and leaf is hand-made and coloured with Matcha. We then took on TWO top wedding cake trends - Ombre and Watercolour, to create a beautiful multi tonal sea breeze effect down the three-tiered cake. The greys set off the olives and leaves perfectly however I think some pale blues would've been beautiful too.
Ombre Watercolour Wedding Cake
This cake is off for a shoot at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond this week so I hope to be able to share some lovely images from there too!
Birthday Cakes
This weekend's cake crop was so exciting - all three of my latest pride and joy Triple Decker creations together! We had an 8" Alice in Wonderland, an 8" Fried Chicken n Waffle and a 6" Netflix&Chill as birthday cakes for Cleo, Brogan and Steven. 
Happy Bank Holiday Birthday guys!
Birthday Cakes
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo
Jul 30, 2016

Iwould like to know how much will cost me a cake 3 /4 flore that the first big is not for eat and the other 3 is to eat.


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