Guy Fawkes, Gourmet Marshmallows and Going to Heaven

Bonfire night is upon us again and what could be more romantic and relaxing than roasting a gooey, oozy, fluffy, gourmet mmmmm marshmallow around a blazing fire? Followed by swirling a delectable, delicious marshmallow into a steaming, yummy, creamy mug of hot chocolate.

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First, for the benefit of your guests, remind them of the marshmallow test. This was a test conducted by Professor Walter Mischel who experimented with marshmallows. He informed children that if they took only one marshmallow and they wanted to eat it straightaway they could only have the one - but if they were prepared to wait for twenty minutes then they could have the grand total of two marshmallows! To Professor Walter Mischel this demonstrated that the children who exercised restraint and waited for twenty minutes would go on to have more successful lives than the children who couldn’t resist gobbling down a marshmallow as soon as they set their eyes on one.

So, whilst our guests  are learning  about the merits of delayed gratification (and who wants to appear a greedy guts?) we are of course thinking this theory is a whole load of baloney. Let our guests live their lives as if they are going to live forever. But us?

Nu-uh, this is not for you and me. We are to live our lives as if we are going to die tomorrow and devour all the irresistible Anges de Sucre marshmallows we physically possibly can. And then? Why go to Heaven of course!   


For surely eating Anges de Sucre marshmallows by the bonfire is just a little taste of Heaven?



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