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Enchanting Spyro Surprise: A Cake Tale of Geek-Chic Delight

While bespoke commissions aren't our everyday gig, a devoted Instagram follower threw us a curveball, requesting a Spyro cake delivery in London for his girlfriend. Now, who could resist the charm of a cool purple dragon?

Surprisingly, Spyro boasts quite the geek-chic fanbase‚ÄĒI had no clue. Among all the dragons in existence (or imagination), Spyro easily takes the title of the coolest one in my book.

The nerve-wracking part? Sculpting the dragon. Google didn't offer much guidance, so I turned to the packaging of a Spyro the Dragon toy for inspiration. 

Spyro Dragon Cake Topper

And the result? Adorable! I'm absolutely smitten!

The cake itself comprised three layers of our Hero red velvet sponge, adorned with Swiss meringue buttercream in vibrant dragon hues, including a majestic purple. 

Dragon Cake Buttercream Colours

To enhance the Spyro figure, I piped buttercream flames around the cake‚ÄĒno fondant overload here. Let's be real, nobody enjoys fondant over the age of 5. Swiss meringue buttercream, on the other hand? A crowd-pleaser!

Spyro Dragon Cake

This cake stole my heart so much that we've introduced the Spyro Dragon Cake to our ready-to-order birthday cake collection.

Spyro Dragon Birthday Cake for Kids

It was a hit among the girlfriend's friends and colleagues‚ÄĒpure magic!


Reshmi xoxo

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