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Cupcakes by Anges de Sucre

Our unique cupcakes can be delivered straight to your door from our London Bakery in one easy-peasy step. Cupcake delivery is calculated based upon your postcode at checkout and available throughout London and UK. We recommend ordering in advance as possible and at least two weeks for personalised cupcakes as we will need a bit longer to prepare, so it's best to call us if you have special requirements. We deliver all around London and neighbouring towns using our trusty courier service so your cupcakes get delivered in perfect condition. We can even get your cupcakes delivered to your doorstep on a Saturday. Imagine waking up to freshly baked cupcakes on a Saturday!? Mm…

Why Anges de Sucre Cupcakes?

Allow us to brag a bit:

  1. They're all made of the BEST stuff we can get our hands on. That includes free range eggs, REAL dairy butter, premium Callebaut Belgian chocolate and real fruit and flavours.
  2. We only ever frost with Swiss Meringue Buttercream (and actually can't understand why anyone would use anything else?!). It's far superior to traditional bog-standard icings because of its smooth, silken, mousse-y texture and uses way less sugar. #Winning!

There are LOADS of reasons to choose cupcakes! They’re not all related to how delicious they look, we promise. Cupcakes are the perfect gift for best friends, work colleagues, family and don’t forget yourself! They’re fab as an accompaniment to full sized cakes or on a dessert table. Trust us, your guests will love you. Or, if you don’t want to go all out with a cake you can buy cupcakes for your birthday or any other celebration.   

Our mouth-watering flavours

We have 8 classic cupcake flavours. Now, you might be thinking ‘eh, that’s not a lot’ but our cupcakes aren’t normal cupcakes with just the standard sponge and a buttercream. Oh no. Our cupcakes are piled high with buttercream, glaze and the best topping you can find in London. Remember you can always personalise your cupcakes with us!

Take our ‘Marcel at the Movies’ cupcakes for example: Banana puree sponge, sea-salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream, glazed with smooth Belgian milk chocolate, and topped with a sea-salted caramel swirl, Cornish fudge bits, toffee popcorn and a Cheeky Cazzamella macaroon. OMG. That is too much excitement in one bite. But we love to treat you.                        

Cupcakes by Anges de Sucre           

Personalise your cupcake

You can browse our spectacular cupcake heroes below. But if you fancy something a bit more personal then get in touch with your cupcake god fairies! We can customise your cupcake sponge and go wild with your toppings. Perhaps a classic red velvet sponge with a signature macaroon on top? Or go extra indulgent with chocolate EVERYTHING. It’s entirely up to you. With our never ending list of toppings we are sure to cover all your cupcake woes. If you are looking for branded cupcakes check out the link for more information and get in touch. 

Personalised Cupcakes

Talk to us

If you want to personalise or customise your cupcakes call us for a chat on 0208 068 0413 or email with your enquiry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer same day delivery?

Unfortunately, we can't offer same day delivery slots.

Do you make mini cupcakes?

We don't make mini cupcakes because we believe that life is too short to eat tiny desserts. Why settle for a bite-sized treat when you can have a full-sized cupcake? Cupcakes are meant to be enjoyed in all their delicious glory, and that's why we make ours big enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. So the next time you're craving a cupcake, remember: size matters. Choose the big one and enjoy every last bite.

Can you make corporate cupcakes?

Yes! Check out these that we made recently for the BBC.