The Pink Flamingo Cake

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Cakespiration can strike me at any moment, whether I’m playing around with ingredients in the kitchen or zoning out to the dulcet tones of David Attenborough after a long day baking… Yep you read that right.

And thus, nature and confection did collide to create the Pink Flamingo Cake...

The Pink Flamingo Wedding Cake

The Pink Flamingo Wedding Cake by Anges

Sweetly pink and decorated with macarons and handmade white chocolate feathers, it makes a pretty perfect wedding cake or birthday cake for exotic birds. The vanilla sponge layers are frosted with shades of pink Swiss meringue buttercream in a trendy watercolour effect, completing the flamingo vibe.

The Pink Flamingo Cake

I think we can both agree that flamingos are seriously cool, but how much do you know about these exotic and occasionally creepy (the eyes!!) birds?

A Pink Flamingo

Pic via Daily Mail

Being quite the little trivia addict around here, allow me to introduce you to 5 awesome flamingo facts:


Their distinctive pink colour comes from the huge volume of crustaceans and plankton they eat, which contain beta-carotene. Guess that solves the age-old question of: ‘If I eat enough blue M&Ms will I turn blue?’!


Flamingos basically invented co-parenting. The male and female pair will build a nest together, take it in turns to incubate the egg, guard the nest from other flamingos who fancy stealing it, and then they’ll feed the hatched chick between them.


No one really knows why they stand on one leg. Which is freakin' amazing when you think about it! All the research and science in the world, and nobody knows what’s up with the funny stance!


The name flamingo comes from the Spanish word flamenco. People aren’t sure which came first, the name of the bird or the traditional dance. But you can see how the colourful and expressive gypsy dance shares similarities with groups of the exotic birds.

A Flamboyance of Flamingos

A Flamboyance of Flamingos, Pic via flamingo-world


A group of flamingos is called a ‘pat’. But if you used the term flock, stand, regiment, colony and, wait for it… flamboyance, you’d also be right. Come on, tell me that the discovery of a flamboyance of flamingos didn’t just make your day?!

Personalised Pink Flamingo Cake

Personalised Pink Flamingo Cake by Anges

If you know someone who’s a bit of a strutting flamingo, why not order them a special birthday cake they’ll love? Or if you’re planning a perfectly pink weddingget in touch to order a multi-tiered version of our pink flamingo cake.

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