Whether you’re welcoming a dozen or 100 people to your party, getting the catering right is key to ensuring everyone has a great time.

But, how do you do this successfully for your event? Check out our party catering ideas that will fill your guests up and won’t break the bank...

The sit down dinner option

Sometimes, only a sit down meal will do. Maybe it’s a special occasion or a formal event that needs a meal at the heart of it.

If it’s a formal meal that you’re after then it is unlikely to be something you want to tackle for yourself so you need to shop around for a good deal. The venue you choose may be able to provide the catering for you - but make sure you cost up an alternative in case this is beyond your budget.

However, if you were aiming for a more informal - and cost effective - option among friends, why not plan a feast in which everyone brings one dish along? It saves you all the hassle and cost of cooking yourself and can be a fun way to get everyone involved.

Street food flair

If you’ve got access to an outside venue, you’ve got the ideal space to hire street food stalls. This is a great way to incorporate the party theme into your food. From Mexican feasts, to hearty British staples or even an organised barbecue and a chic prosecco van, you’ve got plenty of options and could even mix and match styles to offer a bit of variety. Pick themes that you might be able to handle yourself to cut down the cost.

prosecco van    

Opt for light bites

Why does everyone forget the nibbles? Never forget the nibbles! If your party doesn’t have the time, space or budget for a full-blown meal, then you still need to think about light snacks.

catering light bites gyozas

You want these to be tasty but you may want to avoid wacky flavours that may not be to everyone's tastes. For example, something like lightly spiced tomato bruschetta, cream cheese tartlets or potato cakes with smoked salmon, will not be too overpowering. Again, think about dietary requirements and weigh up how much you can make for yourself, how much can be bought in a shop and what, if anything, needs to come from a caterer.

Don’t forget the sweet treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? A light snack or a main meal needs to be followed by a delicious dessert, right? Wow your guests with a massive triple decker cake spectacular or go out with a bang with a croquembouche. Maybe a beautiful batch of exquisitely-iced cupcakes is better for your occasion?

catering cupcakes

Cupcakes and cookies, nicely stacked and neatly arranged are ideal if your budget won’t stretch to a big cake but the best cakes serve as table decorations in their own right - and you can save on your budget elsewhere to make way for a sweet showstopper.

tiered cake for event

If this has got your party planning senses tingling, check out our cakes that can make your party memorable for the right reasons.

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