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Beetlejuice Extravaganza: Crafting a Creepy-Cute Halloween Cake Delight

My favourite character to dress up as on Halloween is Beetlejuice. The black and white stripes, the wild green hair, the big purple eyes. Kooky, but not crass. Creepy, but not gory.

NGL, our Halloween cake collection lacks. I’ve never been big on Halloween, because I hate blood and guts. But a Beetlejuice Halloween I can get behind.

I started off by modelling Beetlejuice’s head. I wanted it to be the main feature so moulded a large head shape out of red velvet cake pop mix and then used fondant for the details.

Beetlejuice Head Cake Topper

For the rest of the decor, I made some white chocolate skulls, chocolate tombstones, and a creepy AF sandworm.

Beetlejuice Cake Toppers

It soon became apparent that I had quite a lot of decorative bits and there was no way it would all fit onto a 6‚ÄĚ or even 8‚ÄĚ inch cake. Hence we are now in the multi-cake territory again.

Beetlejuice Cake Sponges

I sculpted the haunted house out of cake sponge and stuck with the colour scheme of purple, white and black to fit in with the rest of the cake’s elements. It took ages, and on it’s own…I’m not such a fan of it.

Haunted House Cake Topper

BUT once all the individual cakes are on the board the thing starts coming to life! The sandworm is snaking in and out of oozing green drip. The tombstones and skulls dotted around add to the ghostly moodiness.

Beetlejuice Halloween Cake Decorating


Beetlejuice Sandworm Cake Topper
Beetlejuice Cake

I'm dressing up as Beetlejuice again this Halloween and will be having some fun with green hairspray. Check back in here later this week to see how I turn out! 

Beetlejuice Cake Topper

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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May 30, 2023

Looks amazing! Love all the individual components blending together to make an exciting cake

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