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OMGeez Why are Macarons SO EXPENSIVE?!

Of all the customer queries we've ever encountered, this one's a front-runner for the FAQ section. We've heard many variations of what's really the same question boiling down to pretty much the same answer. 

OMG I think I'm going to have to re-mortgage my house for a few tiny mouthfuls. Why are macarons (or macaroons...) SO FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE?!

I'm not even going to pretend otherwise, £1.75 for a macaron is pricey as far as treats go...say a Krispy Kreme, a Dairy Milk bar, maybe even in comparison to a cupcake. So what makes them so dear? 


Skilled labour of love - First and foremost, above all else, hands down the most expensive "ingredient" in making each and every macaron is the chef. While Krispy Kremes and Dairy Milks are highly automated, no matter how advanced machinery can get, macarons still command superior skills that only comes with the chef's experience. To put skill level into takes 15 minutes to train new staff on how to make cupcakes, but training them to make macarons to our standards using our equipment can take up to 2 months of rigorous daily macaron making. And we all know the following equation...labour=time=money.

Raw materials - Almonds, vanilla and chocolate are some of the most expensive ingredients to work with. Furthermore, as we use the BEST we can get our hands on such as proper vanilla pods, premium Callebaut Belgian chocolate, free range eggs (caged hens make us so sad) and real fruit and dairy butter it pushes our costs up much higher than lesser competitors. We could easily slash our ingredients bill by 50% if we wanted to by switching to cruddy ingredients like artificial flavourings, cheap chocolate, vegetable shortening etc, but that would make gross tasting macarons and quite simply put, it's not worth the effort that goes into making them nor is it worth the calories when consuming them. 

An no...unless your house is underground and the size of a matchbox in Kolkata, a re-mortgage would not be necessary. Funny though!

"Laudree" is cheaper, why are yours more expensive?? 

SO much wrong in one innocent query. Spelling and pronunciation aside, that's not even true. Our bigger competitors are still more expensive but they also have considerably higher overheads (eg: multiple shops, loads of staff, massive marketing budgets etc) so would be priced accordingly.


Why is the box more expensive than getting them loose in a bag?!

Because it's a box. A freakin' beautiful hand-made gift box. Doesn't affect the taste of the macarons one way or another but it does make for an amazingly indulgent gift experience.

 Macaron Gift

There you go, the biggest macaron mystery debunked. If you're still not convinced, that's fine too. There's always a Krusty Kreme ;) Hah, just kidding...or am I?!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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