Pink Fault Line Birthday Cake in London

Not all cake trends stick around. Some become fashionable at meteoric speeds, and then a new trend comes along. And just like that, they fall out of fashion in the blink of an eye. Some have serious staying power, like the cupcake from the 90s and drip cakes, which happens to be one of our specialities too. But of all the trends, I seriously hope the fault line cake trend sticks around for as long as possible. We are totally head over heels for it. 
Fault Line Cakes London
Our fault line cake range includes some seriously quirky designs. We have the Pina Colada cake, the Willy Wonka cake, and the Mint Choc Chip cake too. Fun, fancy and totally delicious.
Mint Choc Chip Fault Line Cake
But the one that gets our hearts fluttering the fastest is the Pink Fault Line Birthday cake. Especially as a 6" & 8" stacked two-tiered size. It's a total faff to make as it involves quite a few steps. We first bake and layer five layers of sponge for each tier.
Fault Line Cake Layers
Then the tiers get a crumb coat of our smooth Swiss meringue buttercream to seal the layers. Once the cake has its crumb coat set we smooth another thick layer of buttercream on until it has a perfect finish. The next step is the one that is completely counter-intuitive - we have to scrape off lines in the perfectly smoothed buttercream.
Fault Line Cake Recipe
We scrape them like they are going up the cake like a roller coaster. Once the lines are scraped, we fill them in with colourful sprinkles, paint the edges gold and then carefully brush off any rogue sprinkles.
Pink Fault Line Birthday Cake London
We delivered this beautiful two-tiered pink birthday cake to The Landmark Hotel in London. The pink buttercream and chocolate sponge layers look so striking. Too pretty to eat, maybe? Naah! 
Fault Line Chocolate Cake Slice
I've blogged about the fault line cake recipe tutorial. I'm always so happy to see you guys attempt it and share your gorgeous creations with me @angesdesucre on Instagram! Give it a go, it's SO gratifying to create something so beautiful after 'purposefully' defacing it. If it's too much hassle, you can always order one of our fault line cakes here and we'll do the hard graft for you and deliver the best birthday cake in London straight to your door.
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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