Hello New Anges de Sucre!

It feels SO good to finally do our big reveal  after months of squirrelling away behind the scenes - the spanking new website! And it just so happens that March is the month we launched our first ever website 7 years ago. And it happens to be Easter, time for new beginnings. It's practically fate.

Birthday Cakes London 

We have had a fair few makeovers over the years but none to this extent where not only does the website get a fresh lick of paint and a touch of Botox to iron out some wrinkles, we went all out and re-branded from scratch, updated our photography and brand assets too.

Bakery wallpaper 

Our old logo was tired and we didn’t identify with it anymore as our business has changed so much - we started 7 years ago making just macarons, and now we make cake. The old strap line - “artisan patisserie”, was winding me up because I’d begun to dislike the word artisan with a passion since the hipsters found it. We mulled over so many replacements and when paired with a tricky-to-pronounce brand name we decided for the simple and to-the-point, Extraordinary Cakes. Because that is what we do.

Old Anges Logo First ever logo

Bakery Logo

Brand New Bakery Logo

Becky from Studio Sappor helped us with our branding overhaul and we love all the attention to detail that are the perfect finishing touches, from carefully positioned sprinkles in the logo to the drippy whisk amidst the London skyline in our footer. It feels current, creative and fun, much like our cakes.

Netflix Birthday Cake 

We wanted our customers and visitors to feel like they’ve arrived at the coolest party on our website, and cool parties need cool photos. So we had a party at our photographer, Catherine Frawley’s! It’s always fun working with her, the banter alone is great, but this time we had my stylist pal Jodie Vigor (Boutique Blooms) and the perfect party supplies and props from Peach Blossom.

Peach Blossom Party Supplies

Peach Blossom's website is a treasure trove with absolutely everything one could ever need from balloons, to cute cutlery and paper plates, pom-poms, bunting, honeycomb balls, literally everything), Even X-ray was there while I was directing the day and I don’t know where the hours went but it flew by despite being a super long and exhausting day. Go hard or go home right?? 

Photo shoot


We’ve also launched X-ray’s 6 month birthday cake to order - The Ice Cream Parlour Cake. I love it so much as it’s ice cream themed which is literally the food of Gods. I don’t even know where to start with this cake - the ice cream cones, the freakshake style cupcakes, the cheeky chocolates, the glazed doughnuts? Or just dive right into the chocolate and vanilla sponge layers like a total animal?? 

Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Cake 

I’ll let you peruse about our shiny new digs for a bit. But just as a little flashback to where we started...here’s a glimpse of our first website ever. In the words of Drake, “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”.

Old Website 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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