Burger Birthday Cake

I love a burger and don't know many others who don't. If you break it down, a good burger kind of incorporates all your main essential food groups - carbs in the bun, protein in the meat, fruit/veg in the lettuce and tomato (ketchup ;)), dairy in the cheese. So really, a diet of burgers is a balanced diet...right? Yes, I'll go with that thanks, with some cheeky chips and a diet coke on the side.

Burger Cake delivered in Surbiton

And if you're vegetarian, there are veggie burger options aplenty ranging from the daft and lazy portobello mushroom offering (WHY is a big watery flavourless mushroom an appropriate substitution?!) to much more exciting bean or falafel versions. However, the one burger all the carnivores and herbivores amongst us can share the love of is our Burger and Chips birthday cake pictured above which we delivered to Surbiton recently.

Burger Birthday Cake

Three layers of red velvet cake sponge with smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream, Belgian chocolate drip, and decorated with a sesame seed encrusted baked buttermilk doughnut "bun", a chocolate brownie "meat patty", buttercream "lettuce", a slice of fondant "cheese" and squidge of red chocolate ganache "ketchup"". Oh, let's not forget those all important chips on the side, shortbread cookie chips of course!

The Burger Cake in Surbiton

But back to my love of burgers, I'm not referring to tepid versions from Maccie D's, Burger King etc. I'm talking about those proper nice ones - my recent favourite is Five Guys (the chips and milkshakes are INSANE good too), I've rekindled my flame for Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and I love a good juicy pub burger.

Two Tiered Fast Food Cake

A few of my favourite pubs is the Harts Boatyard and the Grove in Surbiton. Luckily we deliver birthday cakes to Surbiton regularly which always makes a ice excuse to pop in for a burger at one of these pubs - if it's a nice clear day, always riverside, and if it's a bit grizzly then the cosy Grove. We've also started our NCT classes in Surbiton and I'm looking forward to meeting my new-found mummy friends in the lovely spots around!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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