Introducing The Homer Simpson Cake

If you haven't noticed the cake rave going on at Anges recently, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN my friend!?

The BEST cakes in London!

Check out the CAKE SWAG in our window!

Soooo we made some cakes. Big whoop right? Everyone makes cakes! BUT I'm not sure if anyone else is having as much fun as we are - we've literally gone MAD in the kitchen and it shows. Macaroons, marshmallows, meringues, fudge, baked buttermilk doughnuts, pretzels, wait...WHUT! Doughnuts?? On a cake? Now that's just INSANE.

London Cake Company

It'll be unfair of me to pick a favourite as they are all my babies, however, I'm going to show off the Homer Simpson cake - can you guess which one? The silly big pink one of course.

Homer Simpson Cake

Vanilla sponge layers, smooth and silky vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Belgian chocolate glaze, topped with toffee popcorn, pink wafer crunchy bits, macaroons and our Baked Buttermilk Doughnuts with sprinkles galore over three tiers. If you don't get the Homer reference it's no biggie as I'm sure you'll still think this is quite nuts, which it is.

Homer Simpson Cake

This cake just BLEW UP on my Instagram and got so much attention that it even inspired artist Enya Todd to paint the prettiest pretty I cry.

Home Simpson Cake by Enya Todd

Since launching our cakes I'm so overwhelmed by all the lovely enquiries and orders coming through. Having such a mad creative outlet is really liberating but to also have it appreciated, that's freakin' ACES! Here's me standing proud with a cute 2-tier version of the same.

Homer Simpson Cake

Love Homer? Fancy it for a birthday or a wedding? You can order all our cakes here, or just give us a ding dong and let us know what you want to see on your cake and we'll whip it up (although secretly I'm hoping you'll just ask me to go mad on it!)


Anges de Sucre xoxo

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