Birthday Cakes and Alice

This week has mainly been about Alice. Don't ask me "Alice? Alice? Who the f is Alice?!", you know who Alice is! Only the protagonist of one of the most loved stories of all time - Alice in Wonderland of course.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

We made hundreds of little toadstools out of chocolate - the stalks, caps and dots (scientifically known as 'scales') are all each individually hand made. These toadstools are so cute it's hard not to sprinkle them over everything!

Chocolate Toadstools


I've waxed lyrical about our Alice birthday and wedding cakes in the previous posts so I'll go straight into our cool customer birthday cakes from this week. We delivered to the fabulous L'autre Pied restaurant (coolest, slickest, staff award goes to them!), The Goat Chelsea, and Cinnamon Kitchen along with our regular runs to Selfridges and across London including Knightsbridge, Enfield, Uxbridge and Surbiton, and further even - to Reading!

It's hard to pick favourites as everything pales in comparison to my baby Alice now BUT I am mama to all our beautiful cake babies and Alice is only my favourite till the next one comes along ;) So this week's other stellar standouts were some bespoke birthday cakes featuring dim sum and fried chicken!


Bespoke Matcha Birthday Cake

Kenneth's Bespoke Matcha Dim Sum Cake

Two Tiered Fried Chicken and Waffle Cake

Evie's Triple Decker Fried Chicken and Waffle Cake 2-tiered Birthday Cake


Bespoke Birthday Cake London

Ikes' Bespoke MacDreamy-Ferrero Rocher 2-tiered Birthday Cake


We've got an exciting week ahead at Selfridges and in the kitchen so I better rest up now! Find out all about our efficient cake delivery across London and get a special someone an amazing birthday cake.


Lots of love,


Reshmi xoxo


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