Birthday Cakes and Dim Sum

What a WEEK!!! This bank holiday weekend saw a record number of birthday and wedding cakes being delivered to Selfridges and London! 

Birthday Cakes Delivery London

We've delivered birthday cakes to the Shard hotel again, where I'm going to have to give a virtual hug to the best and most polite and helpful staff (ALWAYS judge the establishment by how the staff treat their delivery folks, ALWAYS and the peeps at the Shard always come up trumps). We've also delivered cakes to Kensington Roof Gardens, Berkeley hotel, and Bird of Smithfield, a cool wedding cake actually to the latter.

Wedding Cake London

In terms of best-sellers this week, of course there is the DeliciouslyStella and Gaga-Rainbow that's always in demand, but also the Pink Flamingo and Triple Decker Matcha Latte and Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher that were particularly popular!

Two-tiered chocolate birthday cake

And my favourite?? It has to be the bespoke #NetflixAndChill Ice cream and Popcorn cake for Mahmoud.

Popcorn ice cream cake

Despite being super slammed this week I managed to do some serious recipe testing in Lab Kitchen hours. I've had this Dim Sum idea in my brain's back burner for a while now but I just could not find a way to implement it. The first port of call for recipe testing is always Google but other than finding sugar paste fondant versions, of which my thorough dislike is no secret, I could find zilch. So once I made our own Belgian modelling chocolate to create the cakey popcorn bucket from the NetflixAndChill cake I had a bit of a Eureka moment and made gyozas, har gau and siu mai...out of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate!

Chocolate dim sum cake

They taste delicious and are so much fun. I can't wait to design the cake this week that's going to be launched alongside our NetflixAndChill cake too.

Chocolate dim sum


Thank you all for your love, likes and feedback this week - we've just gone past the 20k follower mark on Instagram! Huzzah!! So pleased I got two days off this bank holiday weekend...we're gonna need all the rest for the following week.

 Cake account instagram

Lots of May Day love,

Reshmi xoxo 

If you want to indulge in our Luxurious Birthday Cakes, head over to our London Cakes pages to Order one for Yourself.

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