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Introducing the Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake

WHAT EVEN IS THIS?! It's a ridiculous beautiful beast of a cake where we used our team favourites all together in one gorgeous creation - The Triple Decker Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake.

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake

A triple layered cake with a Belgian chocolate brownie layer on the bottom, an Oreo cookies & cream sponge layer in the middle, and a chocolate chip cookie dough sponge layer on the top. All slathered and sandwiched with smooth as sin Nutella Swiss meringue buttercream, our glossy Belgian chocolate ganache drip glaze, and decorated with the cutest Ferrero Rocher mini "ice cream" cones, brownie crumble, crushed hazelnuts, cookie dough balls, Oreo cookies and white chocolate pearls. 

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Brownie Cake

Should this even be legal?! Probably not, hence you should totally get one ordered before the popos come after us for being evil cake making masterminds leading Londoners to the dark side of utter deliciousness.

Available to order as a birthday cake online here - we all know someone who is nuts about Nutella or a die-hard Ferrero Rocher fan so personalise this birthday cake for them and they will be literally mind-blown.


Reshmi xoxo


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