London's Best Vegan Cakes


I’m not even going to try and be modest here. Legitimately, I’ve cracked our best vegan cake recipes having tried and tested at least 8 various recipes using everything from apple cider vinegar, apple sauce, golden syrup and agave nectar and have finally gotten the golden seal of approval from the husband who said, “this is vegan?!? No way!”. Yep, my hardcore carnivore husband dearest couldn’t tell the difference to “normal” cakes.

Best Vegan Cakes London - Peanut Butter

There IS a difference though. I’ve had a LOT of cake, both non-vegan and, as of this year, a lot of vegan. In my experience I’ve had a lot more bad vegan cake than bad “normal” cake. Having tried and tested so many recipes I can see why that’s the case - often they are quite dense with a thick crumb, and doughy in the centre, or dry and chalky, sometimes with a metallic after-taste of raising agents coming through. One of the sponges I made was seemingly light with a lovely crumb however once I had a bite it had a cloy-like greasy texture and left a heavy feel in my mouth. I was getting rather frustrated.

Best Vegan Cakes London - Peanut Butter

But, I really wanted to crack this. One of my mummy mates is vegan, and it prompted me to create cakes that she, or anyone else vegan, could be included in the enjoyment of, and one which the non-vegans wouldn’t even know was any different to cake as they know it.

Spongey, light, moist, fluffy - it was a challenge to tick all those boxes without relying on eggs and dairy and I’m so pleased to have finally found our vegan holy grail! Eggless and dairy-free, but full of flavour and the perfect cake texture.

And of course, it's not just about tasting great, like the "real deal". It needs to be the pride and joy of the party, the centre-of-attention, the head-turner. A cake simply being "vegan" isn't good enough for me, or our customers. There are plenty of rustic, slap-dash cakes with edible flowers and chopped up fruit out there already. I want more for our beloved vegan cake lovers. I want to create vegan cakes to make every vegan customer of ours feel valued and cherished, and I hope that comes across in our creative vegan cake designs and flavours.

Best Vegan Birthday Cakes in London - Matcha Coconut

I’m so excited about working on our vegan cake range. Sure, it’s restrictive, but working around those restrictions creatively is a worthy challenge and it’s lit a fire in my cake-belly. We’ve launched our vegan cake range with a variety of vegan oreo, cookie, matcha, and peanut butter cakes and are continually expanding it.

Best Vegan Cake - Anges De Sucre

Here’s to more of the best vegan cake joy being delivered across London!

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