BBC Royal Recipes TV Appearance

Did you catch my whole chunky 5 minutes of fame on BBC One's Royal Recipes earlier this month? No? Don't fret, here's a still of my mug as the header image of Episode 12 - At the Races. 

BBC Royal Recipes

Late last year we welcomed the filming crew in our kitchen to film us producing macarons and cakes. The premise of the film was to explain the methodology and mystery behind macaron making (which if you watched the clip, 30 mins in, you'll discover there's actually not much mystery to it!), and I interjected with macaron history, some royal family anecdotes, and apparently, as I've been told by some viewers, motivational philosophy! Hah!

Catherine de Medici

It was my first ever real filming experience and I will admit it was quite out-of-comfort-zone. I hate the sound of my own voice, I start worrying about how I come across and saying the wrong thing or making a poo joke (my favourite kind of joke btw...if you didn't know!).

BBC Royal Recipes

4 hours of non-stop nattering and macaroning was shattering, edited into a smooth 5 minute piece and I can now appreciate HOW MUCH WORK goes into filming, both before, during and after. 

BBC Royal Recipes Cake

It was a real honour to be recognised as an "industry expert" in cake and confectionary and be chosen to represent our brand and show off our work too while sharing bits of my knowledge acquired over the years on the iconic BBC. Proud as Punch!

BBC Royal Recipes

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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