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We want to show off where all the macaron magic happens. I could just use the trusty iPhone but it's looking pretty crusty, is desperate for an upgrade and would just not do our lovely kitchen justice.

Anges de Sucre Kitchen

So we enlist Anneli Marinovich - a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a bright, light and airy style. I've raved about her loads before here, and here. She's really tall and really easy-going, which is important because I am really small and somewhat impatient. She also made our CTO very comfy in front of the camera. Score.

Best Macaron Flavours UK

As it's been hectic at the Anges kitchen, sleep's been a scarce commodity. I bought some Vitamin C serum to help brighten the complexion and plump up any pesky lines. While it did help, one would vehemently advice against using it around the delicate eye area. We won't be sharing any pictorial evidence of what it really did to the old peepers but these pictures are testament to the fact that Anneli will make you look like a better and brighter version of yourself (and she says, with minimal photoshop-sorcery) to match our shining-in-all-its-stainless-steel-glory kitchen.

Best Macarons London UK

 We will be launching some recipes online as we prep for the Cake & Bake Show where we will be hosting Demystifying Macaron Magic classes, but here is a little taste of what goes on behind the scenes in a typical day in the life of an Ange.

Macaron Recipe Italian Meringue

That's me, Head Chef Ange, preparing an Italian meringue for the macaron 'biscuit' base

Italian Meringue Macaron Recipe

The perfect meringue has a glossy stiff peak...

Italian Meringue Macaroon Recipe

or doesn't slide when upside-down. Yes, really.

Italian Meringue Macaron Recipe and Technique

Folding in the meringue into a smooth batter with an even consistency. This technique, called 'macaronage' can takes months, years to perfect, must be done by hand, and is the major stumbling point for most poorly made macarons (fortunately, not for us. Duh)

Macaron Recipe Italian Meringue Method

Piped perfection

Macarons UK

Our charming CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) and marketing, logistics, and procurement manager Patrick

Cosy little consultation den for weddings and events

If you'd like to actually see us live in action demonstrating how to create the perfect macaron batter, pop along to the Cake & Bake Show in Manchester this April! We will be dishing out top secrets, trouble-shooting tips, recipes and macarons to our keen attendees for the Demystifying Macaron Magic Master Classes. Hurrah!

Manchester too far? Crowds spook you? Perhaps a private hands-on lesson with tea, bubbles, and macarons in our cosy kitchen in West London might appeal more. Get in touch at info at angesdesucre dot com.

Macarons UK

Brides-to-be, macaron baking enthusiasts, party planners, everyone and their nans, we would love to have you over for a cuppa, chit chat and macarons. If macarons aren't you thing, check out our wedding cakes

And if you're really not interested in seeing us or meeting us, well here's my mug anyway.

Reshmi Bennett


Mama Ange xoxo

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