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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Who can't wait for the new Alice in Wonderland movie - Through the Looking Glass this year?! MEEEEEE. It's one of my favourite stories and I've been thinking about why it's got such wide appeal, across generations, age groups and genders. I think it's largely down to it being as much about innocent adventures and childish curiosity such as chasing fluffy rabbits and eating sweets, as it is about naughty-substance-fuelled-hedonism with magic mushrooms and dark injustices of doling out heartless death sentences. Whatever the interpretation, there is so much whimsical and wonderful inspiration oozing out of this classic that we harnessed into a cake design and married it with our own unique style. 

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Alice in Wonderland is also very popular as a wedding theme - garden mad hatter tea parties, vintage barn banquets, red and white roses, black and white playing cards. Our Wonderland wedding cake ticks all those boxes and is literally perfect for an Alice-themed wedding day.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Launched JUST in time for the movie and wedding season, this beauty can be ordered in various sizes such as a sweet 2-tiered wedding cake for smaller intimate affairs to larger 5-tiered versions for bigger bashes, just like all our other wedding cakes.

Alice is going to be a really hard act to follow!

Mad-as-a-Hatter Cake Love,

Reshmi xoxo 

Don't know where to start? Check out our Wedding Cake Guide to guide you through the process.

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