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Birthday Cakes London

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birthday cakes london

Birthday Cakes Made in London

Got a birthday coming up and looking for a birthday cake in London? Treat yourself to an incredible cake from Anges de Sucre! If you’re struggling to think of a gift, this could be the perfect way to spoil that special someone rotten.

1 tier, 2 tiers, 3 tiers 4 tiers, it doesn’t matter here, we can personalise your cake to requirements! We have the finest ingredients, recipes and expertise tucked under our baking hats. We will provide you with the best birthday cake available in London. Well actually...the whole WORLD!

If you're looking for children's cakes, head here.

Our collection

As you can tell from our images, we love cakes that really make a bold and beautiful statement. Not just a mini, luke-warm statement - nope! We like the ‘POW the cake is here’ kind of statement, a dramatic entry brimming with the all-important WOW factor. Who can blame us – your birthday only comes round once a year right? You need a birthday cake to shout about it! We work hard to produce grand designs with equally great taste. You can browse our glorious collection and order your cake online with delivery. You can also personalise any cake with a message in chocolate. Finally, select your delivery date on the cart page before checkout. We'll bake it fresh and delivery it safe right to your door.

If you need a suggestion and think your friend or family member deserves to be spoilt, the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket Cake could be the cake for you. It’s covered in rainbow swirls, whirly pops and colourful chocolate shards. It's then dusted with gold lustre and golden chocolates. Yes, golden chocolates! And if that wasn't enough, the luscious rainbow sponge layers are frosted with the fanciest fault line in rainbow colours. Ooooh yeah!

Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

Be the hostess with the mostest – our London cake bakery offers birthday cakes in various sizes to suit all needs. Order a large multi-tiered birthday cake for a mega milestone. Or choose a tiddly-tiered birthday cake to celebrate someone super special. Trust us – your guests will LOVE you for it. We offer delivery in London for our birthday cakes as well as these favourites!

You can also mooch around our boy's collection here.

Personalised / Bespoke Birthday Cakes

If you fancy your hand at creating, get promoted to head chef and customise your own cake through our personalised or bespoke options. You can tailor everything right down to the sponge as well as selecting from a ton of delicious buttercream and glaze flavours. The best bit? Go as greedy as you want with our huge selection of toppings - some you won’t find anywhere else! Why not indulge in a decadent red velvet cake? Smothered in cream cheese buttercream and generously topped with macarons or fully-loaded cupcakes.

Need a cake in a hurry?

In a birthday fluster and need a cake quick for tomorrow with less than one working day notice? Or need a cake TODAY?! Ooh dear, that's tight but we wouldn't give up just yet. Call Selfridges Food Concierge on 0207 318 3458. You can check the availability of same-day cakes from their bakery counter. We know the stress birthday celebrations can bring, so we’ll do our very best to make sure your cake wishes come true.

Remember - we’re big on freshness here so we only ever get mixing, whisking and baking once we’ve received your order.

Get in touch

To buy your personalised cake simply place your order of the birthday cake you want to customise online. Email us your requests and we'll get to the rest - all changes are subject to extra costs of course. To find out more about our birthday cakes, personalised or bespoke, contact our birthday cake cherubs in London by calling 0208 068 0413. You can also email hello@angesdesucre.com.


Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Parlour Cake

This birthday cake is an all-star hit on our website and Instagram! Belgian chocolate and vanilla layer birthday cake for a special 30th birthday. Decorated with a 'dropped' ice cream cone, milkshake cupcakes, baked doughnuts and chocolate drip.


Pink Sweetheart Birthday Cake


Pink Sweetheart Birthday Cake

One of our original Doughnut Cake creations, our Pink Sweetheart Birthday cake is one of our most popular cakes. Vanilla sponge layers covered in a smooth pink and white Swiss meringue buttercream. With a Belgian chocolate glaze dripping down the sides. Topped with candied pink popcorn, buttercream flowers, macarons and glazed doughnuts.


Adrian's Choco Cookie Number 8 Cake


Chocolate Number Cake

A number cake stashed with all Adrian's favourite chocolates and cookies for his 8th birthday party. Chocolate sponge layers covered in Swiss meringue buttercream. From the top drips Belgian chocolate with Oreos. On top there you will find Bourbon biscuits, Maltesers, Rolos, Mars, Double Deckers, and crispy chocolate pearls galore.


Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake


Peter Rabbit Cake

Cute and charming novelty cakes with style is what our Peter Rabbit Cake is the perfect example of! Layers of moist carrot cake sponge are stacked high. Topped with a buttercream fence, a carrot and cabbage patch with cookie soil. And...a hand-made Peter Rabbit model perched on top!


 Alice's Wonderland Birthday Cake


Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake

The most wonder-filled birthday cake for every Alice in Wonderland fan! This red velvet birthday cake is completely hand-crafted. Decorated with a Belgian chocolate teapot, playing cards, toadstools, buttercream roses, and salted caramel swilling teapots.


Pistachio Birthday Cake


Pistachio Birthday Cake London

A posh birthday cake full of pistachios and macarons for Geraldine. The sponge is flavoured with real pistachio nuts and decorated with smooth buttercream and macarons.


Pastel Popcorn Birthday Cake Dessert Table

Birthday Cakes London

Why have one when you can have THREE birthday cakes AND sweet little cakelings to match?! This cute dessert table spread was for a beautiful summery 30th birthday party for a super glamorous lady.