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Penelope and the Power-Packed Flying Pizzas

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Penelope loved her sheep on her farm and she loved pizzas. But she found out that her beloved sheep were under threat from some unknown invaders and had to do something to protect them.

Join Penelope and her gang of fun friends in making pizzas, with simple step-by-step instructions and full-page beautiful illustrations. And see how they save the sheep, and the day, with their power-packed flying pizzas! 

Enjoy reading the book together with your little ones at bed-time and watch them get excited to bake and cook their first pizza. It's delicious, light, and fresh and possibly one of the best pizzas you'd have ever had.

The recipe is egg-free and can also be made dairy-free with a simple substitute for everyone to enjoy. You can also have fun by getting creative with your toppings. Just make sure to be wary around knives and heat sources (adult supervision is required). I guarantee you, this is a recipe you will make over and over again.


Reading age: 2-6 years

Print length: 24 pages

Language: English

Grade level: Pre-school - 2

Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 3mm