Mini Macaroons

Have you ever tried one of Anges de Sucre’s macaroons? If not, then you are seriously missing out! No other company offers such a diverse range of colours and flavours. We’ve got everything from nutty tastes to flowery macaroons to chocolate flavours to fruity zests – and so much more!

This is why people love Anges de Sucre; we have macaroon flavours you wouldn’t ever expect. For instance, we’ve got the gorgeous Memsahib which is exactly like an Indian Chai Latte. It contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and a tinge of ginger brewed with Darjeeling.

Alternatively we have the refreshing Menthe; smooth as silk Swiss meringue butter cream livened up with a fresh mint leaf puree.

And that’s without even mentioning the lavish Gluhwein. This dark red macaroon contains a rich dark chocolate ganache that has been enriched with winter spices, freshly squeeze clementines, lemon zest and Chianti.

Variety is only part of the magic – Our mini macaroons are simply delicious

Because we have so many fantastic different flavours and combinations you wouldn’t expect, people often find it difficult when it comes to deciding what macaroon to purchase. Our customers often tell us that our range of macaroons is the greatest kaleidoscope of colours and flavours they have ever tried. We want to give you a taste for as many of our different flavours as possible and this is why we give you the possibility of purchasing mini macaroons instead of the standard sized ones.

You will be able to try double the amount of mini macaroons in comparison to the standard sized treats and thus you will be able to experience double the amount of flavour and colour too.

These are great for indulging yourself but they also make excellent additions at any party too, such as a corporate event of a birthday celebration. In fact a lot of customers by our pouches or boxes of mini macaroons are favours for their wedding. These go down really well because people can pick macaroons that fit into the style and the feel of their big day.

Mini Macaroons – An affordable luxury

You are probably thinking ‘yum this sounds delicious, but I bet the price tag will soon put me off’. Well we certainly don’t think it will. We offer some of the best prices for mini macaroons that you will find on the whole of the internet. Why should you have to break the bank in order to indulge in a bit of luxury?
Our bags and boxes d mini macaroons are available for as little as £4.00, that’s right; you get to indulge in a little bit of heaven and you don’t even need to break into a bank note!

If you want to enjoy little bits of heaven and lots of fantastic flavours then you know what to do; order some mini macaroons for Anges de Sucre and prepare to be amazed!

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