Chocolate UnScotch Eggs - Set of Two

A white chocolate egg shell filled with vanilla bean marshmallow and a gooey sea salted caramel ganache "yolk" cocooned in fudgey brownie crumble and a speculoos cookie crumb crust. The UnScotch Egg is, quite simply, genius and downright delicious.

Why is the UnScotch Egg the greatest food invention ever?!

Because it's:Not a scotch egg (but we had you fooled didn't we!)Suitable for vegetariansBaked, not fried (that's almost healthy right?)It's perfect for gifting on Valentine's Day, Easter, Father's Day and April Fool's day or whenever you want to catch someone off-guard, mess with their mind and make them giddy with delight with the cleverest foodie mind-fudge! Each box contains two large individually wrapped whole UnScotch Eggs.

Free Standard Delivery (Royal Mail First Class) throughout mainland UK.  

UnScotch Eggs contain wheat (gluten), milk, soya lecithin. They are produced in premises handling nuts and peanuts.

Storage: UnScotch Eggs are best looked after by storing in an air-tight container in a cool, dark and dry space.

Best before: Up to 6 days from date of dispatch.

Size: Each large whole UnScotch egg is at least 6cm in length and approximately 80g in weight. 

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