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Macaroons Party Pack - Cheeky Cazzamella

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"Dear Government,

If we could just replace running tap water with sea-salted caramel please, that would be great. I much prefer my pancakes for breakfast with a cheeky drizzle of sea-salted caramel, my bananas for lunch dunked in a pot of sea-salted caramel on the side, and my ice cream drowned in delicious golden sea-salted caramel for dinner. So much nicer than plain ol' tap water.

Kind Regards,

Cheeky Cherubs"

We did just send that to 10 Downing Street. Naaah, kidding. Or am I?! Either way, it does sound like a freakin' brilliant idea and one that we would whole-heartedly vote YES for. But in case you doubt there ever being a sea-salted-caramel-on-tap proposal by the guv'nor THIS party pack of 24 gloriously madly deliciously genius Cheeky Cazzamella sea-salted macaroons will be sure to satisfy all your sea-salted caramel needs. For all other flavour needs, check our the Macaroon collection here.

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