A table full of sweets for your wedding

At Anges we have been making dessert tables for weddings since our first day many years ago; you could say it’s at the heart of what we do. We focus on creating exclusive dessert tables for foodies who want something unique with everything made from scratch using the best quality ingredients – we don’t mess around.

We can fulfil your sweetie dreams and create a stunning wedding dessert table with our unique sweet creations. Pick delicious treats from our signature ranges including Macaroons, Marshmallows, Muffles (our own rather famous creation), Cupcakes to name just a few and of course our Wedding Cakes. We can design your dessert table to fit in with your wedding theme and for any number of guests, call or email us with your thoughts and desires.

 Wedding Dessert Tables by Anges de Sucre

Wedding Dessert Tables and your theme

We highly recommend incorporating your wedding theme into the dessert table to create a more striking effect. Our signature sweets and desserts can be personalised to fit your theme to create an exquisite dessert table for everyone to admire and enjoy. 


Displaying your Sweets

You can do this yourself or we can help you along every step. We are always experimenting with new display techniques for our dessert tables and have some great ideas we’ve yet to release. Along the way we’ve found out what works and don’t work and will recommend display methods which are practical and visually pleasing.    


Wedding Cakes and your Dessert Table

We often get asked if a dessert table can be used as an alternative for a wedding cake. The answer is a big yes. If you are looking to replace your cake with a wedding dessert table we do recommend including one, two or three of our smaller cakes and incorporating them into the dessert table – you will be having the best of both worlds. It works particularly well if you have a relatively small number of wedding guests. You can even include our mini cakes which although small have a big impact.

Need to find out more about wedding cakes? Check out our handy Wedding cake guide full of useful information. Also read about wedding cake etiquette and traditions. 

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